The latest life adventure..

So today we went canoeing! believe it!

Thank heavens for brandon in my life. without him, I wouldn't leave the comforts of my front door.
But WITH him, we go on all kinds of adventures, including jaunts to places like this:

Pretty, er, rustic. but awesome. For 15 bucks we got a canoe, paddles, and life jackets for a half day excursion (from a fella who laughed on the phone when brandon asked if we should make a reservation. when we arrived, we suddenly understood why).

After an initial fight with Annie over her head squeezing torture device (you know, the life jacket!) we were off!

I would have taken more pictures DURING the actual canoeing, but turns out you need both hands to paddle and even then you splash both people and possessions behind you a lot if you're the front person (ahem) so expensive cameras have to be put away until you land for a picnic, here:

We actually brought some friends along, which made the trip more fun, thanks to the pirate/transformer/princess canoe races. We'd be okay if these guys were Zane's in-laws someday:

So yeah, we chilled for awhile on land, then set off again, this time our canoes pointed homeward.

On the way home, Annie was braver which made the boat rowing even trickier. With she AND Zane both peering over one side, you had to be real careful not to tip over. Especially since at one point we saw these little guys:

Didn't really want to encounter them (or their mama) in the water yo!

So fun. So swampy. So g'ville.

And now--so tired.

Amazing how some activities will stay with you longer than others. Canoeing in January? What a great great memory. Thanks for getting us moving Brandon! You know you're the bomb.


Wow, that seemed really fun. I would be scared to venture out into the swamps- way to be.
Kjerstin said…
I'm all for adventure, but more of the safe, dry, no gator kind of adventure. :) Just the thought of alligators in the water under your canoe makes me shiver. Okay, we already knew you were braver than me, right? Apparently Annie is, too. :)
Ann Marie said…
What a great adventure. I think I would have been afraid to get out on land though. Don't some icky swamp things live on land? (especially undisturbed wild kind of land?)
Okay, plain and simple...I'm happy for you and a bit jealous. What wonderful FAMILY adventures!! I'd love to have a family day every so often. You are a lucky girl in a beautiful place! I WANNA COME VISIT!!!
Astyn said…
Really cute idea. We will have to try this when I am more sure that none of the kids will want to jump ship! I love how 'gainesville' it all looks.