So, UF has a great program where 3rd year medical students practice giving a "well child" exam to real kids. Real kids, like Annie for instance, are invited to come for an hour every other month or so and participate in two of these well child exams. Then their moms write up evaluations for each "doctor." Later, the kids receive a check in the mail for $40. It's GREAT!

Or at least, it has been great. Until today when the nice gal in charge of arranging the real kids called me with bad news. "I'm afraid that the doctor in charge has asked that Annie not come back. It's just too hard to get a physical exam in, and the students aren't having a positive experience."

In other words, Annie's just been fired from her first job.

What, Annie's a hard kid, what?

(at the beginning of our family photo shoot in december)

I didn't know whether to weep or giggle, so I giggled. One more story to add to Annie's history..


I am here to tell them that they will have a lot of harder patients then your little one could ever be. Grow up medical students and welcome to the real world of medicine. Just ask any Dr. or nurse, or their spouses that have heard the horor stories!!!!!! ;-)
Carolyn said…
How funny. Who would have thought?!
Crystal said…
I would have giggled. Good medical students are not very common. So good job Annie for putting them though the paces. :) Maybe one of them will learn bedside manners.
Michelle said…
Pretty funny. Of course, in the real world the med students won't be able to be picky and only see the "good kids."
Heather Bigley said…
I can just hear her throaty outcry of alarm and displeasure reach deafening heights in one of those tiny examining rooms. It makes me cringe and giggle at the same time.

I'm glad she likes me!
walt or jean said…
Tebow gave them a bad time too when he was Annie's age.
glad you could giggle about it. She is a darn little cutie though, isn't she? :)

but to me it sounds like those aspiring medical doctors aren't fit fo the job then. what a bunch of weenies!!!
Alyson said…
I thought I was doing well to read your blog every Sunday but I may have to check more often. You have had a busy week! You have such fun adventures. Maybe we need to move to Florida. My boys would love to go on that canoe ride and see a few little friends.