day/beach 2: cocoa beach

We hit a beach a day. Pretty awesome. We had heard wind that cocoa beach was named for its --you guessed it---cocoa beaches. I must admit, the distinction was less than I had hoped it would be. still, you can see a little cocoa in there, right?

This beach was so dang beautiful. Turquoise waters:

Glistening reflections:

Cute kids:

Seagulls to be chased (oo, and cute little wedgies to be had):

Parents in beanies and fleece jackets:

Annie had some killer snot that day too, which I think I spared you from for the most part. two words: double barrels.

We stayed the longest at this beach, I think, building sand castles, chasing birds, and listening to the ocean. why is it so magical? why is it so spiritual? I don't know, but man, can I live a block away someday?


Lillie said…
Look at you getting so artistic and photographic!!! Slow down! You can't have EVERY talent-- seriously.

Got all my christmas cards today-- loved your photo-- you looked BEAUTiful. xo
Jealous!! What kind of camera do you have? It (uh...I mean you) takes such good pictures :)
Alyson said…
I loved it all but the snot part. I felt I was there with you on the beach. I even felt a little bit warmer (Not sure how that is possible but I did). I was enjoying the peace and beauty of the beach when you hit me with a dose of reality (snot). Guess I'd better quit day dreaming and get back to work. Ha, ha!

Seriously, it looks like a fun day together as a family. I'm excited by all of the fun things you are getting to do in Florida. I don't know if we'll ever get you back this way. I loved your Christmas card and letter too. Thanks!
holly said…
your pics are gorgeous! Did you find any great restaurants in Cocoa Beach?
our favorite place to eat in cocoa actually ended up being in the publix parking lot! it was a hot dog place that ended up being run by an asian gal who had the best pork tenderloin wraps I've ever eaten! YUM!