day 3/beach 3: New Smyrna

We peaced out of our hotel on the morning of the third day, and set off for another beach on the way to our camping spot. We waved goodbye to the cruise ships:

and headed north. When we got to New Smyrna (after backtracking following being denied to a military access road the hotel people seemed to think would be great and backtracking after being too cheap to bust through the national forest), we were ready for water. This beach was definitely a "tourist spot"'s main beach drag was full of shops and trinkets, and at the end of it there was a big parking lot for beach goers...usually not our kind of beach, but we were ready to get out of the car at that point, and grateful that it was only 50 steps or so from point a to point b. As we walked to the water, Annie showcased her new word for whenever the camera is pointed at her--instead of "CHEESE," it was "BEACH!" I'll take it:

And where there are people, there are hotdogs!

(notice here that annie would ONLY use her new princess towel after she knew of its existence. I can't believe it starts this young.)
The beach sand itself was quite packed down and flat. When I sat down on a laid-out towel, however, I realized the water level was barely below the surface. aka I had a very wet bum almost instantly. Although a little unpleasant for me, this turned out to be great for wicked sand bridges and canyons:

So the three of them DIG!ged and DIG!ged (also a new annie word for the trip) and I wandered about, wet bummed, taking pictures and soaking it all in.

And speaking of soaking, the tide came in fast at one point, soaking all our stuff and uprooting most of us....except Annie, who didn't skip a beat:

(see what I mean about fast? In the above picture, Annie is sitting in the same place she'd planted herself when we all arrived, shown below. so picture every one of those people running for their lives:)

And speaking of Annie, how about a strike-a-pose to end things off today?

tomorrow, one more beach!


Emily said…
BEAUTIFUL pictures Meesh!
and Annie is super cute. I love her hairdoo's in all the beach pictures! Im so very jealous of your beach trips...
If I was there, I would have stayed out with annie (and laughed) when everyone else ran for their lives. Haha, I wish I could have seen that. But I've got a pretty good idea from the before and after pictues.
Keep taking those awesome pics!
Love ya!
Anonymous said…
Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!
Ann Marie said…
I am with Annie. If you get something good going - keep it!
Lillie said…
Oh that shot of the sky and Annie in the distance... WOW!
Melanie said…
Hi Michelle,

Of course I remember you! How fun. Your family is so beautiful and I'm jealous that you live in Florida. It has been fun to look through your great blog.


Isn't MADE the best? She's my idol.