bullets of happiness (and a few stubbed toes, to even things out)

  • Thursday night we went to a women's basketball game. TOTALLY fun. (can you sense the surprise in my TOTALLY?) Thanks to less people attending, a kind fellow who gave us free tickets at the door, popcorn, blue and orange shakers, a kidzone, and free pizza and soda, we enjoyed a great evening together for $3.50 (which was the cost of the popcorn). I remember that when living in Washington, being on campus at night gave me huge anxiety; I knew that I was at least 80 minutes away from home thanks to bus and ferry commute, and that was stressful. How different it is here, to know that when at the arena, we are 0.8 miles from home. phew.
Photo taken with brandon's cell phone
  • Friday morning I took weights on my regular morning run. WHAT WAS I THINKING?! It didn't occur to me until I was running (and dying) that I hadn't actually EVER seen a runner of long distance (if you can call 4.5 miles long distance) holding weights. hmm.
  • Friday night I FORGOT to go and play piano at a church gig at 6pm. I remembered at 11:19pm. For those of you who really know me, you know that this was BRUTAL.
  • Saturday night we sat next to the same folks I'd stood up the night before at another church gig, and thankfully the husband is a psychologist for people with post traumatic stress syndrome. His advice to me, after I'd apologized PROFUSELY: Michelle, let it go. Just let it go.
  • That gig we went to Saturday night? a 2nd annual chili cook-off and campfire night. our friends played the guitar and accordion as the whole group sang along to kumbayah and I love the mountains and popcorn popping. I also got to help lead a pirate story, complete with sign language from our resident expert (who isn't Annie, but close.) It was so great.
  • I stubbed BOTH pinky toes on Saturday. They were still bruised today. Ouch! It reminded me of the smallness of my home.
  • This morning I directed our church choir at another church gig (I'm noticing a pattern of church gigs..). 25 people, half men, half women. As I was directing them, I literally had a push-pause-on-life moment and was able to step back and be enormously thankful to be able to do my very favorite thing with such a wonderful group. So rad. so so rad.
  • Also this morning, Brandon took our kids on a walk. They came back with this:
Who knew this kind of thing even existed?

It's been a really great, fabulous, painful, agonizing, humbling, joyful, exuberant week.


Ann Marie said…
Thats the best kind of week. Also some great advice that I am going to try to remember "let it go".
Tina said…
I love Zane's identical no-lipped grin in both pics and the fact that he wore pajamas and flip-flops on his walk with pops. Must be Florida.
What a great leaf! I don't know if I want to see what size of tree that it came from... hmmm, maybe I do. Happy day :)
Kjerstin said…
Oh my goodness, that new header is BEAUTIFUL!!! That's like make it into a canvas beautiful! Enter into some kind of contest beautiful! I like. :)