beach 1: cape canaveral at sunset

Monday the 28th we set "sail" (hee hee) for Canaveral about noon. Packed within our car was stuff for the beach, the hotel, and was packed full, let me tell you. We reached our first destination about 3, ditched some of our stuff in our surprisingly spiffy room (more about that later) and took off towards the water. We were itchin' for it, parents and kids alike. We we got there just in time for sunset colors. I was taken aback at the blueness of "ground," both deep and shallow:

Zane immediately started digging but Annie went straight for the water. These three pictures were taken within about 20 seconds of each other. note change in annie's outfit.
fully clothed:

oops, got the ankles wet. let's roll those pants up:

oh no! got the knees and everything else! better just take those babies off:

We should have started with no clothes, but seriously it was 45 degrees or something at this point. brrr..

After that, we pretty much stayed happily up on the shore--and left the water to the wet suited ones:

Apparently, many of the cruise ships sail at sunset. We had a pretty good view of their departure:

We enjoyed our first tea party on the beach (and by "we" I mean annie and her pops. pretty much no one else was allowed, ever):

Oh yeah, and we wished each other a happy anniversary. Not too bad of a way to spend your remembrance of 8 years, ay? I'll take it.

Notice my fleece jacket. I didn't take it off our entire trip.

Next up: cocoa and smyrna!


walt or jean said…
Happy anniversary! Here's a fill in the blank for Zane:
We went to the b_____.
Annie and Pops ran to the w____.
Annie got her pants w___.
Zane dug in the s_____.
Mom took some beautiful p______.
We pitched our t_____.
We saw the m____ in the sky.
Zane danced around and l______ a lot.
We are a happy f______!
Lauren said…
Fun! Great pictures! Happy 8th anniversary! :)
Great pictures! The sand in the first one looks like snow- but the flip flops made me do a double take :) Looks like so much fun! Happy Anniversary!
Ginger said…
Your pictures make me so happy-they are happy pictures. They even almost make me warm.
alliehoopes said…
bet no one else comments this: holy moly what kind of shin muscle building exercises is brandon doing these days? let me guess. sand walking? on the beach. or two. or seven.