Aladdin, Zane style

Remember all those bags I made last year? One was given to the mother of Brandon's closest co-workers, when he traveled home for the holiday break. She lives in rural India. In return, she sent back this:

(There's one for Annie too, but it's a little small, so I'm going to have to try and alter it a bit.)

ISN'T IT AWESOME?!! Talk about a gift in return! And the best part is, Zane isn't old enough to think one way or another about pointy shoes and sequins. In fact, he loved showing it off yesterday at church, where everyone dreamy!

And to add to the story, he had ripped out the bottom by the end of the three hours (apparently children in rural India never sit?)--so those who hadn't given him attention initially DEFINITELY joined in by the end. It was a riot. What a handsome man.

Sigh. Today it's back to it all. I wanted to blog, but decided to shampoo my couch and rocking chair and vacuum and sweep and do the dishes instead! Yay me! But then now look at me, blogging instead of folding laundry or making my bed or cleaning my room or preparing dinner. And now it's time to head to piano lessons! Well then, it never ends. Peace out for now!


Maria said…
Holy Glamorous, Batman! :) What a neat gift.
Michelle said…
Awesome outfit! Can't top that one.
Ann Marie said…
A happy day for a happy dude. I wonder what rural children in India do?
Oh my goodness, what a glorious gift! I would have loved to see him at church. what a good idea!