5-year-old laments

I was complaining about Zane to Brandon last night:
"I just feel like I'm losing my grasp on him."

"How so?"

"I feel like he's losing some of his sweetness; some of his politeness. He's less innocent, less trusting, less..."


hmmm. "Well, yes!"

So you're telling me this is normal?

Normal maybe, but still, it's painful.

One of the goals I've been mulling over is how to not just watch this transition and say, "Remember when you used to be this way?" or "Well, we were close until.." Instead, I dream of to growing with my zaneman, enjoying every stage.

Brandon has much to teach me in this area; he naturally plays along with whatever Zane wants to do, be it transformers or card games or monster outside. He doesn't dumb down his play for our 5-year-old, like I do. And guess what? I think it might be the secret. This weekend, when Brandon asked Zane if he'd like me to join in on a game, Zane replied, "I don't think so." "No?" questioned Brandon. "Why not?" "Well, she isn't very good, you know." hmm. seems my 5-year-old is already on to me and my attempts to shelter him from hard things. and apparently, he likes the other way better.

So, I'll do better. or at least, I'll try.

Because painful as it is, this kid is worth it.


walt or jean said…
ABSOLUTELY!!! We love that Zaneman!!
Kjerstin said…
I'm always saying to myself "be here, right now", but it's hard not to miss their sweet little baby selves. Especially when they're so darned lippy. Not yours, mine. Who decided it was a good idea to teach them to be independant thinkers? I'd take a "yes ma'am" every once in a while, just for kicks and giggles.
Alyson said…
Don't you love a kids honesty? It looks like you have a spontaneous New Years goal after all with Zane. Good luck!