this week's activities

sigh. we're back to life as we know it.

Zane spies and acts as power ranger with good friends:

I sew:

(have I talked about my "new" sewing machine? well, it belongs to a new neighbor, but she's letting me borrow it until further notice! can you say "zipper foot?!" I'm so excited.)

(oh yeah, and remember "baby legs?" seriously, the easiest sewing project I've ever done. these womens socks from costco turned out 4 pairs of leggings for annie for only $2.50/pair and in about 10 minutes total. you want some for your baby? send me some womens' knee high socks. period. or make them yourself. look for ours in upcoming pictures. so great.)

And Annie declares herself a REAL GIRL by insisting on dressing up in tutus and high heels and stuffing treasures into purses during every waking hour of every day:

No questions asked, Annie. Not with that look you're giving me.

I'm back on the "ever-ongoing process of trying to make the best of life" train. Sometimes, I'm really great at it, sometimes not. Wasn't it just last week or something that I was saying, "I've never been happier?" It's still there, but life in all its imperfections has also come to the party. So, we're surviving. There always seems, at this point, to be a need for a re-evaluation, a re-ordering of priorities. Mostly, I want to be present. For myself, for my kids, and for my partner. I want to be pleasantly present, even. Maybe that will be my new motto: pleasantly present. has a good ring, doesn't it?

Unfortunately, part of being "present" means less screen time--so I need to peace out.
So with that, happy december 1st!


Kjerstin said…
Being present is tough, but GETTING presents is fun! :) Sorry, total cheese. Thanks again for the lovely surprise in the mail. I LOVE it!!
Ann Marie said…
Pleasantly present actually sounds wonderful. So glad you get a little screen time though to share your life and pictures with us.
Leslie said…
glad to have you come by my blog...good luck on the giveaway
Tina said…
I love those baby legs things- especially the ones with the pink stripe. I need some exactly like those (good thing I'll be in Costco-land in a few weeks) to go with the pink corduroy tiered skirt I just made for Maryn.

I don't know what you're talking about Michelle- you're always pleasant. :)