a special weekend

It has been a glorious weekend. My birthday was fantastic. It was our choir program; we only sang eight songs or so. Not an overkill, right? :)
Oh, Come All Ye Faithful (choral prelude)
Patapan (Recorder duet and I mean REAL recorders, not just the neon green ones for 3rd graders--also prelude)
O Come, O Come Emmanuel (one verse, starting in unison, then busting into SATB at "REJOICE!")
Samuel Tells of Baby Jesus (Primary children--I know the director, so it was an easy addition)
Night of all Nights (Part of its own whole program, but we just took the one song)
While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks by Night (arrangement by Sally Deford in a lilting 6/8 that was wonderful)
With Wondering Awe (congregational hymn)
Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming (my favorite--GO HERE to listen to beauty)
Away in a Manger (an arrangement of ALL the aways in a manger you've ever heard, plus a solo by a violin or flute that's totally rockin')
Joy to the World (congregational hymn)
Baby of Light (written by the father of a ward member. lovely. "You are the promise we have waited for. We love you, sleep well and goodnight.")

Sigh. It was such happiness for me.

Then I got to nap and have TWO CAKES. enough said. fabulous.

Thanks to all you well wishers--we were party hopping in the evening, but i felt every buzz of birthday happiness in my pocket, and I appreciated it.

And now, it's the day after! No more stress for another year.

Oh, and I finished off the day with a little bit of sewing. If any of you saw me this summer/fall, I might have shown you the alluring yet slightly-repulsive-when-you-find-out-its-secret "ELK FABRIC." It was this awesome red and blue damask fabric with birds and flowers and branches...so beautiful until you followed the branches down and found yourself looking straight in the eyes of a BEAST. seriously, so weird, but I didn't see the beast until I had already bought a whole yard of the stuff.

Anyway, with Christmas pictures needed and all the sudden the color palette turning to reds, blacks, and blues, I thought of this fabric and decided it was time to try and pull off a sneaky trick. I found a free, online pattern at oliver and s (look on the sidebar for "popover dress"), and when cutting my fabric, did my best to show off the DAMASK and hide the ELK EYES under Annie's arms.

And it looked GREAT, let me tell you. No one would ever know. just a beautiful little birds/flowers/branches dress.

Then tonight, our photographer sent us this preview of our shoot today (courtesy of Camilynne Photography, I should add):

The ELK EYES live on.

Sigh, family photos. You would NOT BELIEVE how had it was for me to get 4 outfits together. Jeans or khakis? well, zane has khakis, but my only khakis are my high water khakis, and I'm not sure I'm ready to elevate them to "forever remembered" just yet. So Saturday I broke down and actually bought him jeans. And 30 minutes before our shoot, i put them on him and they fell right back down. SWIMMING in them, he was. GASP! Should we go back to khakis?! oh, but those high waters! So we stuck with jeans, added our sweaters, then WALKED OUTSIDE. into 80 DEGREE WEATHER. HOT. on December 14th.

I won't even go into the shoot, except that both kids were crying within the first 5 minutes, fire ants abound, and wow, it was hot.

But then hours later, we got emailed this magic one of Annie (more color saturated on my desktop) and a sneak peak of a family shot that almost made me weep. literally, blood, sweat, and tears went into it all. Can't wait to show it to you.


That is a great picture! And her dress is cute, i'm sure no one would even notice the elk if you hadn't of pointed them out :)

You amaze me with your sewing talents.
Maria said…
1. I agree-who cares about elk eyes! :)
2. Fabulous picture!
3. Can't wait to see the rest.
4. LOVE that you are all things musical in your ward right now. I think that you are someone who really lets her light shine. No hiding under a bushel for you! :) Way to bring your many expanded talents back...

Love you!
Jenny said…
Fabulous dress! I can't wait to see your family picture. I've been wanting to have one taken for so long and haven't been able to get it together enough to do it. Finally last Sunday right before church I sent everyone outside (not in 80 degree weather, more like 30) and snapped a shot. It didn't turn out great, but at least we were all in the same place at the same time for about one minute!
Sharon said…
What a cute dress! :-)

We sang Night of all Nights in our program Sunday as well. I love that song, but seriously...could there have been any more "s"'s? Our director was going crazy trying to get everyone ending at the same time with all of them.
Butlers said…
Michelle, Could you email me with your address? I have a christmas card for you.
Annie said…
Cute picture. I love the elk eyes story.