sigh..what should i call this? how about: fun with michelle, then real fun with michelle's kids

ugh. I'm tired of looking at the computer screen right now. it seems like it's sucking the life out of me. sucking me out of my real life and into the abyss of doubleyou-doubleyou-doubleyous. I try pulling away, but then there's a bill to pay or a phone number to look up or a choir christmas program to send off for approval or an email or two to write or a --ahem-- blog to read. still, I have to wonder what we would ALL do with our extra time if we peaced out from the screen every once in a while. I think some of you have managed to stay non-sucked-in. I am envious and proud of you. it's how I feel about myself and facebook. great job michelle! keep that part of yourself to yourself, for at least one more day!

sigh. sorry. don't mean to dis facebook. but seriously, have you read a book lately? I have, but only because I flew across the country last month. IN A PLANE. WITHOUT A LAPTOP. and you'll never guess what, but it was really nice.

and yet, I'm writing this HERE and not in my own, personal, hand-written journal. so I must enjoy that some of YOU get sucked into ME once in awhile. sigh. we all like to have attention sometimes, don't we?

Anyway, some blog stories!

First, if you lived with me, you would find out that Annie doesn't eat meat at mealtime. unless it's bacon, and let's face it that's not really meat. But if you went to the grocery store with me, you'd be ASTOUNDED to watch how much roasted deli turkey/chicken/ham (I only buy one at a time, so it's an assortment depending on the day) that girl can pack away while we shop. it's SLICES and SLICES and SLICES. if you see a woman wandering around, shoving protein into her ravaging little girls' chops, think of me. once we hit the parking lot, that meat is meat again, and she won't touch it. incredible.

next, I love the thought that Zane doesn't know all the Christmas songs yet. Think of it, can you remember when you DIDN'T know "We wish you a Merry Christmas?" He sings, "I hope you have a great day and a merry christmas, I wish you a happy very merry christmas" (pausing along the way, because something isn't right, but he can't quite figure out what). it's great. makes me happy.

This week will forever be in my mind as the week that annie found her voice. on Sunday, she said, "bampa." on monday, "gigi." (grandma and grandpa ross, you guys want to take on those names for a little while? it's awfully cute.) Yesterday she said, "Mama, MORE" all day. Today, it's "bee!" and "moon!" and "bubbles" and "boddle" and almost anything else you ask for (as long as it's includes a b, d, m, n or w.) We are elated. She speaks! Maybe it's for my birthday!

Okay and finally, Brandon was talking to Zane the other day about Jesus and Christmas. He said, "Zane, did you know Jesus is the only person in the world who's never done anything wrong?" Zane looked at him, a little disgusted that his pops would lie to him, and said, "But pops, Jesus BROKE the bread. I learned it in church, you know!" thanks again, church.


julie said…
don't worry---I also get sucked into the computer--it always seems to trump me doing something else---but I think at least we acknowledge the need to pull ourselves away! It's a start at least.
Yay for Annie! That is SO exciting! and Zane is so funny ;)
Cassidi said…
Okay, you can't dis facebook and bacon in the same post. It's just not right! And I know it's a different post, but I was happy to see the star addition to the tree. Merry Christmas you crazy Floridians! Did I mention George still wants to come and live at Zane's house in Florida?