the rest of my life..

Yes, we have been doing things other than gawking at ourselves all week. Here are some highlights!

First, the pre-k Christmas program. Zane was a reindeer. What I'd like to know is, when exactly is he going to know that turning a too-big-from-goodwill-brown-t-shirt-with words on it inside out so as to have a "plain brown t-shirt" isn't actually cool? thank heavens it wasn't this time.

[the words, by the way, were: I'M SO GOOD YOUR MOM CHEERS FOR ME! um, okay.]

The shirt was turned, the grown-ups smirked, and the boy just smiled. Thank you, 5 years old.
By the way, do you think Zane is a little smitten by his teacher?

Whenever I'm a little strict with him, he tells me I would be a great teacher, like Ms. Allison.

Then, Sunday we rocked the same Christmas clothes as last year (don't worry mom, annie wore the new dress last week) and when we got home from church, we had a once in a lifetime situation occur: my kids sat old-school-portrait-style ALL ON THEIR OWN. How could i not whip out my camera?

Sunday was also the day the Annie busted out a new favorite expression. Annie, can you say CHEESE?!!!??

(she had on a warmer sweater for church itself...brrr, it was even cold in florida!)
Then again this morning, CHEESE!

Oh yeah and I've been sewing. Not as much as I would like, but a little:

all with birthday fabric. all as "thank you" gifts.

Finally, we been reading LOTS of Christmas books. I don't know what's gotten into me, but for some reason it feels good to tell the baby Jesus story over and over and over again. until tonight that is, when Zane asked me if we could PLEASE STOP READING ABOUT JESUS!?! hmm, maybe it's time to lay off a bit, before the actual night. we peaked early, apparently.


we'll try and enjoy the moments these next couple of days, as all too soon they will be gone. hope you can too.


julie said…
such beautiful pictures! plus I wanted to comment on the t-shirt thing---dylan likes to pretend his is Bolt--so he purposely turns a printed white t-shirt backwards so that his belly is all white, like bolt! must be a 5-year-old boy thing! lol