lest you be afraid...

...some of you might be onto the brandon/michelle semi-bahumbug-semi-green-semi-just plain cheap-semi-anti-climatic style when it comes to seasons and holidays and everything else.

For those who are worried for our children, especially for this, the star of all holidays, never fear.

We have a tree up and decorated:

but I do have one question....

does size matter?

hey it's better than nothing (normal) right?

sigh. I think I always appreciated that Christmas was downplayed a little in my house, at least until the end of my birthday...I always thought it appropriate that if you count Christmas day as the "12th day of Christmas," the night (or end) of my birthday on the 13th marks the "1st day of Christmas." Presents have been distributed, cake has been eaten, so of course we can start celebrating Christmas now!

However, I don't know if we can hold off that long with my 5-year-old.

I would like to remember a nice thing he did today, giving me hope. We started to write/draw our letters to Santa. He always gets distracted when he draws--he started today with a transformers "star scream" in mind, but when he finished he said, "Look mom, I drew a toy factory! It's a present! You know, for Santa!"

makes sense, right? and that was the end of the "I want I want I want" discussion for the day, thank heavens.

Tina, I need you to comment here and tell me to get over it and go buy my kid a star scream, whatever that is. :)

Oh my gosh, we've spent the day tending a 4-month-old baby. HOW DO YOU PEOPLE WITH 3+ KIDS DO IT?!?!


Ginger said…
If Sam didn't love his StarScream, I would send you (Zane) ours right this second. We bought it for him about 2 years ago, and he still loves it....even though a leg is missing, so I guess you wouldn't want it with a leg missing. mmm
julie said…
Dylan love Transformers too--the obsession started Christmas 07----may I suggest you really look at the "level" of the transforming capability--because if you buy one that is too advanced--YOU'LL be the one transforming it all the time--and it gets old (some of dylan's are a little over his 5 year old skill level)
Kjerstin said…
I think your Christmas tree is perfect and I have no idea what a star scream is (gasp! does that mean we're officially exiting the action figure phase of childhood? what's next?).
Brad said…
I like your idea of the 12 days of Christmas after your birthdy. Very cleaver! I don't know what a StarScream is either. I think I'm glad that I don't.
Alyson said…
That last comment was from Alyson, not Brad.
Lillie said…
I loved this post! Proportion matters--- not size. So I'd say by what you've told me of your place--- your tree is PERfect. :) And I loved the glimpse of your wedding photo. How lovely you both look.

And those baby legs?! SOMEday I WILL learn to sew. I feel like it's a whole world I'm left out of.