Hey! It really IS fall..

I know I know, the rest of you are in a world of white. But look! Yellow leaves!

I know Annie, WOW!

Like the puffy vest? It was mine. Too bad I couldn't pull off an actual in-focus picture.

Okay so there aren't yellow leaves everywhere, but I'll take a few, here and there.
Here's one more try with that picture:


We're having fall here as well. Are those the leg warmers you made from socks? They are too cute! I actually bought those same socks from Costco for myself but haven't had the courage to wear them in public yet except under pants ;)
Lillie said…
I my-- I love her outfit with her turquoise vest and pink... that first picture--- So cute. I'm thinking I need to cut some little bangs on Mila or something so it's not in her face when they fall out of the pig tails.

That annie... such a trend setter.
Lillie said…
oops... that was supposed to say "OH" my. not "I my". That's just weird.
Ann Marie said…
I love the pictures. We have been thinking of you as we suffer with frozen pipes and below 0 temperatures. So nice you have fall now. That looks like a snow fence in the pictures. There must be another use for those fences - bats? alligators? yellow leaves?
Sharon said…
Cute pictures! We actually have yellow/red and falling leaves here to. That really is what the cold will do, huh?
Cassidi said…
We just got our first snow yesterday. The boys had fun scraping it up off of the ground to make snowballs. Send me your address for Christmas cards.