For my future blurb book...

The after-party of getting such great pictures taken is ironic.


(oo, if only I'd been looking at the camera on this one. alas, it was one of our "hurry and play a circle games so that annie won't bust into tears again!" moments.)

And yet, what will we do with them once we have them? still working on that, especially since we live where we live.

Still, it's fun to see so many great shots and realize they are all of my cranky, runny-nosed, sweating, swearing (come on brandon, you know you were on the inside) family.

And so, if these pictures go nowhere else, at least I'll have a copy of most of them here, for my future blog book. My current book from blurb is sitting half-finished on the hard drive of our old, non-starting-up computer. It wouldn't be that big of a deal except that in this case, half-finished means about 200 pages. That's a lot of hours of my life....

In other news, you know it's time for you to be done when Zane is saying, "MOM, CAN IT BE MY TURN YET?!?!?!?!?!?!" for about the 100th time. so, peace out. I'll finish these up tomorrow. :)


Rae said…
As I was looking at these, Aidan said "Who are those kids?!" I told him "Your cousins Zane and Annie." He said "Oh, yeah. They're my best friends. I would get a banana to share with them and we would draw pictures of dinosaurs."

So, just so you know, they have a best friend in Washington who has big plans for them.
Alyson said…
I was invisioning seeing the perfect family photo all staged. I love that she captured "real" moments? They are great. You have a beautiful family.
SUCH great pictures! I'm glad you are so happy with them. that's rare to love every single one so hooray!!! you all look so great!
Kjerstin said…
AMAZING pictures!!! You can't even tell there are elk eyes looking at you! :) Or deer, or whatever that critter is supposed to be. I still can't get over that fabric. If you wouldn't have told us all about the sweatiness and tears we would have thought the whole thing was fun, peaceful family togetherness.

Oh yeah, and you're a babe!