Christmas Day 2009

This was the year of the magic. Zane didn't have any reason not to believe; we even avoided movies and books whose premise was to prove to the non-believers that the big guy in red was bonafide. And although we started the Christmas season with Zane telling us, "I think Santa is just a character" when he saw him at the ward Christmas party, in the days leading up to Christmas morning there was no doubt, only magic. And lucky for us, Santa delivered.

Zane came running into our room obediently just after 7 am (we had told him to wait until his clock read 7, just like every morning, then go and check if Santa had come) exclaiming, "Santa arrived! He tricked me (because I'd left on the christmas lights in the front room) and I thought he was still here but he'd already LEFT! Come look!"

Then later, he said something to the effect of, "I cooperated and slept ALL night so that Santa could carry out his plan. You know, because the children were nestled all snug in their beds!" So when other kids are trying to cheat and see him, Zaneman (in true zaneman style) is hooking him up. Thank you Zaneman.

So we made him wait awhile for present opening, but he was able to look in his stocking and find "Santa's reindeers." He added them to "Santa's sleigh," made from newly acquired lincoln logs. (thanks grama and grampa ross on Christmas eve!):

And of course, when we did get to the present opening (after cinnamon rolls and fruit), both kids were totally into it. Annie kept saying, "me! me!" and reaching for more. When Zane would open a present he'd say, "Look Annie, it's my turn." but then when Annie would open a present, Zane would say, "I know, let's open one at the same time!" sneaky.

Annie received everything a girl needs for a respectable tea party (food, dishes, new babies and bears, and of course, a hostess fairy costume), and spent the rest of her day having tea with pops. Zane noticed the attention she was getting from him, and decided the transformers would come to tea as well:

[Even after Annie went down for her nap, Zane played, "Transformers Birthday Tea," claiming it was Optimus Prime's birthday, and he wanted a tea party. Pretty great. :) ]

The tea guests included my favorite gift for the pretty girl, a little mama chicken with her chicks that I made [read: attempted]:

This project again reminded me that teaching yourself to sew means having many mistakes and do-overs. So I probably shouldn't try to start on the night of the 23rd, if I want it to be complete by Christmas. At any rate, I think it was a success! Annie has quite the entourage, and the chicken family fit right in:

(by the way, if you're wondering, we figured out what to do with the heel and toe that I cut out from those knee-high tights...they are great for cold baby heads. or babies that want to rob banks.)

So, a great day. We were in fact all tuckered out by about noon:

But don't mention it. We're sensitive:

Thanks to the wonderful folks here in town, we had places to go for Christmas eve dinner, Christmas dinner, and Christmas after-dinner. Lots of food and no dishes! Merry Christmas to me. :)

Next week we're hoping to head to some gulf beaches. come along if you'd like! I saw the temperature in Idaho is 17 today. plane tickets have got to be worth it.


Ann Marie said…
I love the chicken family. Just don't serve eggs at the tea party.
such a fun read and sounds like a super fun day! You guys did well for those kids, sounds like they're happy happy!
Cassidi said…
I love the baby that wants to rob the bank. Thanks for the explanation, because when I looked at the picture I thought "What the...?" You crack me up! Speaking of teaching yourself to sew, I got a new sewing machine for Christmas. I used it today to fix Adam's pants, got all fancy with two different stitches -- Wa hoo!
Kjerstin said…
I was thinking of you as I shoveled the driveway today. Enjoy the beach for me, too! :)
Lillie said…
Oh my gosh the chick is DARLING. Like I would have a hard time letting my kids play with it because I'd want it displayed on a shelf somewhere. That kind of darling.

Oh but I wish you were here instead of doing all of this fun stuff you've done. We ended up staying in Utah for TWO WEEKS. Still here. So I just keep thinking of all the time I would have had to PLAY! Missed you.