The wedding weekend post

So, back in August or something, Eric called to tell us he was indeed marrying this cute girl named Hayley that we'd spent our vacation with.
"when?" we asked.
"November 21st," came the reply.
"hmm. so that's the saturday after thanksgiving?"
"No, the saturday before thanksgiving."
"oh, okay. so, any reason for picking that particular saturday?"
And in true Eric fashion: "Well, it seemed like a pretty good saturday."

And, by the way, it was.

At first, we thought of bringing everyone, and making a trip of it. We'll stay the week, be in utah for thanksgiving after all, see everyone, etc. But then we looked into the price of four tickets, coming home on saturday with the masses of thanksgiving travelers. too much. plus, in leaving early enough to make it to the wedding, brandon would have to miss 3 class days or something. maybe he could have hacked 2. but 3 seemed just too much.

Okay so I knew I was going. should I bring both kids? expensive, still. so the obvious choice is the baby. except that she's hard. she's 2, plus she's annie. and my zane man is to the age where he might actually REMEMBER the tragedy of being left behind. so, the wise choice became leaving the little lady with her pops for the weekend, and heading west with the 5-year-old charmer. Throw in one ticket paid for by credit card reward points, and we were set.

From the start, Zane was aware of how special the trip was, sans his little sister. he would excitedly report, "Now i don't have anyone to be mean to!" to anyone who asked. I kept explaining that what he really meant to say was that there was no one to take all his stuff every single time he started playing, causing him to attack back in self defense.

And I have to say, the trip was a breeze. The airplane trips flew by (hee hee), especially the way there when we got to pick up brother jon in chicago. (Zane says chicago like "chick-ah-go.")

We got there Thursday night late, slept in friday morning (all through the night, and annie too, back home with her pops. or at least, we hope so. "I mean, I slept all night, so I assume she did too!" says Brandon), and spent the day doing final wedding prep (eric and hayley prepped all the meat/cheese/veggies/fruit for the luncheon, then my mom did the rest of the yummy yummy spread), as well as hitting our favorites: Costco, the DI, and a fabric store. (what, the fabric store was just for me?)

Saturday morning came indeed, and it was cold. I always claim to be the winner of the coldest wedding day (and in the past my 6 degrees has taken first) but with the wind chill that morning, they might have me beat. The ceremony was lovely, then we all walked outside to a WALL of wind and cold. Here, I'm not kidding:

Brrrr!!! As we left the temple, Zane said to me, "But Mom, we forgot to do the wedding!" Apparently the waiting room experience didn't cut it for him.

From there, we went to my parents' church building where Nick had been tirelessly working on getting everything set up. Nick's magic continues to amaze me: somehow, he had single-handedly gotten ALL THE FOOD from gandolfo's and my mom's house to the church and was just putting on the finishing touches when we arrived. it was a LOT of food. did I mention how much food there was? we wouldn't have been ready for the luncheon had we not had that fantastic boy working so hard behind the scenes. nick, you rock. thanks from all of us.

At the luncheon we got to visit with some of our favorite people! Dave and Katie, Ginger and Jim, Mark, and Halli, and Maria and Audrey.

For years we've been saying that "some day" Zane and Audrey were going to be fast friends, and this time they proved us right. In fact, Zane will tell you that the highlight of his saturday was "going to old mcdonald's with audrey!" (neither got any food, mind you. they just played in the playplace for hours, between temple and luncheon. thanks again, idaho falls stones (that includes you, mer)!

There was a lovely program after we ate, which included dads speaking, and siblings, er, performing. Hayley's sibs sang a beautiful little song, then Jon and Nick inspired us all with this little ditty. If you don't know about the Stone family's silly song history, you might not fully understand this. jon basically named the cheesiest song he could think of, we found the music the night before, and there you have it. instant classic.

After the luncheon, we cleaned up and readied ourselves for the reception that night! Here are some Stone family highlights (meaning mostly me with as many of my family members as I could find, or my family members together, or my kid):

What a lovely (okay and exhausting) day! The next morning (before church and makeup), we were able to spend an hour with some of brandon's family, which I consider a huge bonus for the weekend. How lucky was Zane to have BOTH sets of grandparents in the same room. "Florida, Utah, AND Wyoming!" He exclaimed, hardly able to contain himself. It was a lovely time. thanks for making the trip, Rosses (that includes you, hil!)

So, we finished exhaling on Sunday, watched "Fiddler on the Roof" on Sunday night, slept through the night again! (so did brandon and annie, apparently!) Then got up Monday morning and headed home.

Phew! What a wonderful weekend together.


walt or jean said…
Wonderful indeed! We love you!
Carolyn said…
How fun! Your family looks great. You are all wonderful people.

Congratulations to Eric and Hayley!
Ann Marie said…
Great song. What a great time. Love Zane's pink tie. I can now tell Jon apart from Eric's tie is orange. :)