It's interesting what you find "thankful tree worthy" when you're 5 years old. Treats, games, and transformers are right up there with Pops, Michelle (because that's my REAL name), and, bless this kid, Jesus.

What does my own thankful list include on this monday morning?

well, first, our speech lady. she just told us next week is her last week with the clinic. I'm a little heartbroken. I realize now that perhaps I'm more loyal to her than I am to the therapy itself. So, I'm thankful for Miss Shaun. (and hopefully her replacement will be sufficient too!)

second, music. I've been having amazing numbers show up for ward choir these past few weeks. call it Christmas songs, or homemade bread on performance mornings (made by a choir member), or rallies from the folks in high places (aka the rah rah-ers), but it has been incredible. I can't sleep at night; instead, I'm leading music and singing melodies and arranging medleys.

third, this kid:
He looked over my shoulder today as I google-read, and saw a picture of another family's thankful tree. "Mom!" he pleaded. "Can we make our OWN thankful tree?" We plan on adding to this initial bunch of leaves by adding fallen leaves as well. (it is still vall here, after all.)

If you don't see your name in this first bunch, never fear, I'm sure it will come out in the days ahead. And please, don't feel bad that he thought of transformers first. He is five, after all.


Back in college you were the best choir director! And I'm sure you still are.
I am playing the piano for our ward choir right now. I know, scary, but true.
Ann Marie said…
These are the days that enable you to get through the 'other' days. I will make a Thankful tree too.
Ann Marie said…
We are having an awful day at work with the buiding manager. I keep reading this blog and breathing deeply to try to calm down. I keep trying to be nice and Christ-like but am having mucho trouble today. Anyway thanks for this sweet blog.