Sometimes, as is the case here, no news is good news.

hey. we are here and good. boring. busy. (but nowhere as busy as last week.) good. thank heavens for the lulls, sometimes.

and moment by moment, this little lady is growing up on me. she wants to play with zane as if she were his equal now, instead of his adoring but toddling sister. she is demanding and opinionated. she plays with play dough. she insists on high heels. she playgrounds independently. just wanted to document when it happened.

our upcoming weeks are busier, with a visit from a dear friend, then a quick trip to utah for a wedding. and although those times will be wonderful, I'm also trying to soak in this pace while I've got it.


walt or jean said…
Thanks for sharing the everydaynesses even when they seem to be un noteworthy. Sometimes these moments are extra special. Just living and loving each other and our Father in Heaven. Annie is so wonderful. Zanerman too.