what can you say about a day at the beach with a wonderful friend? not much, besides that it was rockin'. I do have a funny story though.

so we get to the beach after lunch. As we walk towards the water, we notice all these pleasant senior citizen couples milling about, chairs facing south. okay, that's cool, no biggie. So we settle in, the kids start playing in the sand and emily heads out to the water (being most recently from NYC, she didn't realize the water was cccoooolllddd). I take advantage of the calmness, lay down, and close my eyes. Note: I'm facing north.

So then a couple of minutes later, I hear Emily running towards me. "Michelle! Michelle! I THINK A ROCKET JUST LAUNCHED!" and wouldn't you know it, I sit up, look south and see this:

That's no ordinary smoke, folks. that's shuttle smoke. Emily even saw the flames. and I had my eyes closed. facing the other direction.

missed the boat. :)

As Emily and I giggled about our "luck," one of said senior citizens stopped in front of us and said, "There are only 5 more launches, you know." As in, "try not to be sleeping, turned the other direction, next time!" too funny.

oh yeah, and later that day when we got back to the car, I saw that brandon had called. When I called him to see what he needed, he said, "Oh, I was just calling to tell you that there was a shuttle launch, and to be sure to look for it!" Of course.

Okay, here are some other fun shots:

We've had such a great time with Emily. She and I are food friends, she having gotten me the job at williams-sonoma way back in summer 2003. So while she was here, I made us hit every possible grocery store in sight. plus she brought us a SUITCASE from trader joe's, bless her. so we've had a great great time.

Tomorrow: We're Utah bound!


Maria said…
What fun pictures! I want to know how you keep the sand out of the camera while you're there... :)

Can't wait to see you!
Crystal said…
Be Safe traveling! Bring the winter clothing :)
Ann Marie said…
Great friend, great photos, great beach, great launch (even Michell-less) and in November no less. My favorite photo is Annie playing in the wet sand.
Great pictures, I love the first one with you and Annie- gorgeous! We're going to hang out with my brothers, Jonny and Jimmy at the Santa Monica beach for Thanksgiving and I'm SOOOO excited- your pictures just made me even less patient ;) Have a great time in Utah!
Sharon said…
I'm LOL about you missing the launch. I'm sure I'd do something just like that! Your pictures are gorgeous! What kind of camera do you use? Whatever it is, I need to get one!
Anonymous said…
Super fun beach pictures. I was looking at this with Kara on my lap and when the pictures of Annie came up she said "That's my friend!" If only we lived closer I am sure they would be.
Ginger said…
MMMMM, did you know that it's November? Sigh....