Grateful today..

..for this little lady, among others.

Some are wondering, "How did she do with her pops all weekend?"

Let's just say, Annie loves her pops:

Therefore, all was well. But I did get a rousing, "Mommy! Mommy!" when I got her out of her crib our first morning home.

Today has been a day for simple joys: running with no pain. park fun with my babies and a good, wise friend. lobster tail and prusciutto-wrapped shrimp for dinner. chocolate pie and pumpkin cake for dessert. excellent company for both. talking with loving families. spending time together.
little him:

big him:

and of course, her:

Happy Thanksgiving, 2009.


walt or jean said…
Some more classic, beautiful photos!! Thanks!!
Glad you had such a great day!
Lillie said…
Oh that first photo of Annie is SO cute. Have I ever mentioned that I am IN LOVE with her gap?

Oh everything is so busy- a talk after it all passes sounds dreamy.
Ann Marie said…
How did you get lobster tail and shrimp for Thanksgiving? It sounds like a wonderful non-traditional Thanksgiving with your favorite people. Isn't the "mommy" great.
Greg said…
It's so good to see that you, Brandon and your beautiful kids are doing so well! Happy Holidays!!

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