go sew something!

Here are some of my handmade happinesses from the last couple of weeks (don't worry brynne, your surprise is yet to be revealed). I finished off my 9th and 10th birdie sling bag, I think. Plus another tiered babygirl dress. then some fun APRONS, including hayley's second (which will be for the servers at their reception, as I remember someone being confused) and one for a gal here hosting a cookie decorating party last week. So fun to introduce other people to "the world of good fabric."

My mom chided me for not including my head in the 1st hayley apron shot. (and here again for the 2nd.) it is because when I try and get a good one, it either comes out looking like this:

or like this:
see the problem?

anyway, happy monday to all! go sew something; it will make you grin (come on stu, you know you're into it).


Rae said…
You are so awesome. I don't think anyone hears that enough, but you are really, really awesome. Nice work, lady!

As for sewing. I would, you see... but after the halloween costumes this last week, I get too near my sewing machine and I start to cry a little. This week's creativity is collage and cake decorating over here. The machine and I will reconcile next week.
Maria said…
Your sewing amazes me! I'm so glad that you've discovered how good you are at it! It's gotta be the "Bee" in you!
Lovin you.
You are too cute, Michelle, and so are all of your creations! Where DO you find such cool material?
DJ Stauffer said…
I'm so glad one of those beautiful creations is MINE!!! ALL MINE!! Brooklynne ooed and ahhed and was so jealous! Maybe I'l let her put her ballet slippers in and pack it to class this week.
Kjerstin said…
You've been busy! I know you said you aren't a perfectionist, but those look pretty darned perfect to me. :)