bags 10 and 11

If any of you know my rockin' sister Emmygirl, you know that she is spunky, silly, and sophisticated. she's also adding to her list of defining characteristics "long legs" and "a long neck," neither of which I have for myself, but both of which will carry her into 15-year-old beauty and beyond (not to scare you at all, parents).

Anyway, last winter she let me make her a bag out of my own design (it was pretty caveman-meets-seamstress-esque) and she has faithfully used it for school every day on this, her 15th birthday, I decided she deserved an upgrade. Enter my 11th bag of the year:
This one might be my favorite one yet--LOVE the bottom print by heather bailey, and the teal "long neck" strap goes perfectly..seemed fitting for this beautiful little sister of mine. happy birthday Emmygirl.

And, since this is the place for all things show and tell, here's brynne's bag from the bunch I sewed in October and showed you all last week. Brynne's birthday is hard to forget because it's also Halloween, and I hoped she'd be just the gal for this daring, ORANGE-TOPPED, anna maria horner-bottomed beauty.
Love both girls, love both bags. :) Now with Annie's speech lady leaving and me feeling like she deserves a HUGE thank you from us, can you imagine up what I might be busy with this weekend? is twelve bags enough for one year? then maybe I should get a life/find a new bag pattern to overwork?

me, get a life, what?


Carolyn said…
Michelle, you are SO talented! I love all the things you sew. You amaze me!