what in the world is voll, you silly girl? and some other bits

First off, I should have clarified. "Voll" rhymes with "doll," not "toll." It also rhymes with "Fall," hint hint. But I would also like to clarify that it is by NO means "full-on voll" outside after all. no siree, it's in the 90's going on 165 with the humidity. seriously, I could have sliced through today's air with a knife, it was so thick and muggy. and I'm in jeans because it's "voll." crazy pants, literally.

Were you worried that we are home from Sea World and now a little depressed with our normal, everydaynesses? never fear, good friends. we just brought Sea World home with us:
They were very specific about this. shark tank in the middle, other sea creatures in small ponds down in front, turtles back by themselves, and of course (as any good structural engineer remembers) parking in the back, right corner.

And this little lady has a new best friend:
(showing off her hallmark affection, as always)

Zane thinks we should call him either "shark" or "linda."

Okay so that's not entirely true. He thinks we should call his shark those names. for you see, I finally hopped on the boat and bought BOTH my children a stuffed shark (and a play sword, while I was at it). (and okay, so yes, it was entirely because they were $2.99 and $1.99, respectively. who could pass THAT up, I ask!)

We're back to regular life and it's busy. but busy means good. plus, I hear real "voll" is just around the corner.

Oh, oh and guess what? last night as I was putting annie down for bed, she looked up at me and said, "tuh!" "TUH!?" I exclaimed back. And with a twinkle in her eye she replied, "Tuh!" We have lift-off people! last week it was b's and d's, yesterday a t and maybe even a "puh!" this morning (but I'm trying not to get too excited). Plus, whenever she sees Brandon, she lets out a huge "MOMMY!" which I can't help but giggle through. manly manly brandon, our favorite "MOMMY!" gotta love it.


Ann Marie said…
Can't think of any thing cute enough to say about your cute kids - I just love them to pieces as well as both of their mommies.
julie said…
thanks for the comment on my blog--unfortunately the picture problem is not solved--I just don't use the pictures that are in the wrong orientation when I try to add the files on blogger upload--and some of them are the cutest ones! Hopefully full disclosure will be forthcoming about the business, I can tell you that it is an ad agency headquartered in Denver, and that it will be approaching advertising business in a few new and different ways--but I've said that for a whole month now---David and his brother needed to shed some "dead weight" and are hopefully moving in the right direction now. Thanks for asking!!!! :)
I love the shark tank! Ashton will not go to bed without his shark!! great investment!