we can't figure out how to just be

Sigh. my written posts lately all seem to want to start with one of these two thoughts: "It was the best of times" -or- "It was the worst of times."

For instance:
Monday morning, when I wanted to claw my eyes out or at least complain that I had cut both eye balls somehow because of how much they killed. --worst of times--

Monday night, after I took my very first allergy pill, and could see, cope, and live again. --best of times--

Last Friday when I bit into poured cereal to find that my fridge wasn't working and my milk had spoiled. --worst of times--

Sunday night when with the help of my parents, I McGyvered the fridge and (seemingly) fixed the problem. --best of times--

Yesterday, when I smelled the milk BEFORE consuming and found that it was, in fact, spoiled again. --worst of times--

This morning promptly at 8:32am, when the fridge fellows showed up and (hopefully, only time will tell) fixed the fridge! They said it didn't need a fan, but they replaced the motor as a precaution. I'll take it. They also showed me a couple of other things I can do to prevent the problem in the future, including NOT HAVING SO MUCH FOOD IN THERE! so much for freezer food storage. --best of times--

Last night, watching Annie slide down big kid slides like it was Christmas morning. --best of times--

Trying to get that same child to leave the playground when the sun went down. --worst of times--

This morning, walking through the old town neighborhood here in G'ville with a friend, dreaming of the future and quaint, older homes in the middle of a university town somewhere to enjoy ourselves. --best of times--

See how we bounce back and forth so quickly? This must be why I haven't had a "post of many words" lately. Either it would have been so ideal that you would have wanted to shoot me, or it would have been so bad that you would have wanted to shoot me (to help me out of misery, of course).

Sigh. This weekend we get to hit both a WYOMING FOOTBALL GAME (brandon with some of his best buddies from college) and SEA WORLD (me, the kids, and the pretty wife of one of the buddies). I imagine it will be "best of times" weekend all around. And with any luck, we'll come home to a continuously working food cooling machine!


Tina said…
It's nice to see that other people have lives like mine.

You're the bomb.
I thoroughly enjoy your writing style, Michelle. It's wonderful that you can see the good through the bad ;)
Ginger said…
I too took my first allergy pill about a month and a half ago. Talk about best of times! I know how that feels!

Have a fabulous weekend!
Brenny said…
Great way to put the see-saw that is life -- well, at least my life right now.

Have a great time this weekend with all the various activities and friends. Go Pokes!
Debbie said…
I'd say a theme park trip fits nicely into a "best of times/worst of times" theme... Have fun!