Vall in the evening

Yes, I know that it's fall. but as long as my son continues to insist upon the V, I'll include it for posterity, thank you very much. after all, we must keep an accurate and honest record right?

Florida in October is weird. I remember this now from last year, so it must be the way it is here: one day it's LITERALLY melting (like on Saturday at the parade) and the next day, you're wearing tights to church (okay, well, at least the GIRLS are wearing tights to church. I wouldn't let brandon) and footed pajamas to bed. high of 90 one day, high of 52 the next. today we're back into the 70s, thank heavens. it is FLORIDA, after all. but I have a feeling the crazy hots are gone for a season or two. sigh. it feels like Jackson Hole on the prettiest of late summer days. You never would have thought I'd compare Florida to Wyoming, did ya now? me neither, but I'll take it. just no jackson hole winters, please.

Have I mentioned Zane's soccer team yet? BEST. SITUATION. EVER.
A good friend was planning on coaching YMCA 4-5 year old soccer, so we hopped on the band wagon. But then YMCA proved ridiculous before we even began, so our friend decided to branch out on her own and coach as many 4-5 year-olds she could get her hands on.

and it's IN OUR BACKYARD. and it's AWESOME. (see #41 down there? yep, picked his number himself.)

They play different games to get the kids familiar with the different soccer skills, and there is no stress about saturday morning games against other kids or time (and traffic) involved either. once a week, we just walk down to the "field" and play. and afterwards we eat snacks. Plus, we still ordered t-shirts. because that's what really matters, right? and Zane LOVES it. so fantastic. oh, and in this last one, you get to see one of our awesome [oak?] trees with the creepy moss hanging from them. very october-y:

I think there are 9 or 10 kids total. so near the end of the "season," they can play 4 on 4. in the meantime, they play monster, and soccer freeze tag, and hit the coach, and all other sorts of great games. After one practice, Brandon asked, "did they play a game (like as in a soccer match)?" to which zane replied, "Pops, we played FOUR games!" see isn't this the bomb? it's just right for our little buddy.

And while the big boys play soccer, the younger siblings enjoy the weather.

Hooray for Vall!


Anonymous said…

You are a fantastic writer. I always laugh out loud when I read your posts. I can't wait until Ocean is that old. I will chain him to a basketball hoop

Ann Marie said…
I think that is what parent organized soccer is suppossed to be but it has turned into this other thing instead. It does seem perfect for Zane. Why did he pick No. 41?
Val said…
Hooray for Vall!! j/k ;)
Emily said…
That anniegirl. she is dang cute.