Years old, that is. Hmm. Sometimes I think that before Annie was born, I dreamed pictures of her. I knew her luscious lips, her blond locks, even her scowl.

The picture I had in my mind of "2?" This, exactly:

Okay, so maybe i couldn't have dreamed up the band uniform. but everything else, it's all there.

Today, Annie's bday, is also UF homecoming around these parts. Homecoming complete with a parade, in which the UF BAND would be showing their stuff. We couldn't not go; after all, we had some stuff of our own to show off. You should have seen the looks these four little cuties got:
You know it's a miracle day when you say, "Okay gals, now hold hands!" and by george, they do!

"Why Annie, what a nice white stripe you have there:"

We found a shady (but still sweaty) spot and waited for the BAND.

My kids shed their outer layers (87 degrees plus humidity is no kind of long-sleeve wearing weather) but luckily Zane was willing to re-jacket for "the moment." Annie? Not so much.
(more pictures from my pre-annie dreams of annie)

All the sudden, the band was upon us! Here's a pic of the front side of the band and the back side of the kids:
then another of the band of the band and the front of the kids!
Some of the drummers were so impressed, they gave the kids their drumsticks! SCORE!

We entertained ourselves until the other kids' daddy could leave the band and join us for one more photo-op:
Then we carted ourselves home, put the birthday girl down for a nap, and are now preparing for a dinner/birthday party at Chipotle later! It's like blogging in real time! Except you're not 87 and humid!

Halloween costumes for the kids? check! As well as a fine time had by all today. Aunt Halli, we're parade goers! Aren't you proud of us?


Sharon said…
Those are SO cute! Way to go. When I grow up (LOL) I want to be just like you. Well, maybe when Jay finally goes to school and I have a bit more time I can be more crafty again. :-)
Sharon said…
You are just WAY too clever! The kids look so adorable in their mini band uniforms (I love the looks on the band member's faces when they saw your kids- so fun)! And Happy Birthday to your sweet faced little Annie :)
Ann Marie said…
Did you make all 4 uniforms? WOW I liked the looks on the band members faces too. Way cute!!! Happy b-day Annie
Halli said…
Happy, happy birthday, Annie!
And Michelle - those uniforms are DARLING!!! Way to go!
Thanks for the little hat tip on the parade - glad to have participated in your "parade-ucation"!
Love to all the FL Rosses -
Aunt Halli
Debbie said…
So cute. Where were you guys? We were there too, but pretty close to the beginning of the line. The guilt of not being done with my costumes is now upon me. :)
Heather Bigley said…
wish i was there instead of working on the time-suck known as my house.
Ginger said…
That is the coolest thing ever! What a good day it's been for you and the family. I live for those kind.
Lillie said…
This is too cute! Annie looks at least three to me in these photos! Holy cow. I can't believe she's the same age almost as Mila.... is it the bangs? The lips? the uniform? Darling.

I miss you. I'm sorry I can't seem to find the time to return a month old phone call. What's wrong with me?