trunk'er treat, 2009

This is in case you were wondering if I was joking about the chicken hat.

And notice the flip flops. it was COOKING out there at 6:30pm. STEAMING. we could have been in swimsuits. I looked at last year's pictures and noticed I was wearing my beloved fleece jacket. not this year. I swear Annie was looking at me with "Why are you torturing me by heat suffocation?" on the tip of her tongue. maybe it's better she doesn't talk just yet.

The evening was very fun. Zane is the perfect age, where the ring toss is cool and fishing is cooler and donuts on a string are outta this world. Annie was mortified, especially when our home teacher [DRACULA] sent nice [HORRIFYINGLY BLOODY] smiles in our direction. She clung to me like I was her only hope of survival.

It made me wax metaphoric, as I realized that it was about all I could do last night to try and meet all of Zane's needs (running around from game to game to treat to water to potty to craft to game) while trying to at the same time meet Annie's needs (protection, safety, reassurance, luv). I was spent. and guess what? that's me and motherhood right now too. I'm spent! but trying my best all the same, and having at least enough success that neither kid is crying for MOST of the ride home. :)

oh yeah, and brandon's running the balloon pop in the next room. which in a bit of a comical way also describes our life metaphorically at the moment. 'tis the season to be busy, right?


Hey, sounds like a fun time for zane, frightening for Annie, and exhausting for you. That sounds like my life. I'm with you and your motherhood being spent. It's all I can do to feed, dress, and keep my kids safe each day, I feel like not the best mom cause i'm not going above and beyond, just trying to make it through the day without a meltdown of my own. oh dear, and there really is NO end in sight either for years and years and years....
Alyson said…
I will try not to be jealous of your warm weather when we are trick-or-treating in 50 degree weather. Great thoughts! I understand about trying to keep everyone happy. It is a nice thought but not always realistic.
Ann Marie said…
It is interesting because right now my friends and I are looking back at our children and thinking how do they do it? We know we did it too but for the life of us don't know how and are thankful that isn't us now because for sure we would have to hire a nanny.