playdates and speech appointments and piano teaching, oh my!

I'm a tad overbooked.

It's because play dates that used to be babysitting have turned more into play dates that are independent make believe sessions (meaning they are much more enjoyable than they used to be, so we have many more of them):
(zane and friend, act I:)

(zane and friend, act II:)

and speech appointments have slurred into longer sessions because my anniegirl loves it so much but that leaves even less time between end-of-speech and pick-up-zane to do food buying and other errands. and i may have even agreed to teach a little piano (on top of accompanying for that one vocalist in the college of music once a week) and we have new neighbors that are friendly and here a lot and weekly playdates with people just keep happening, week after week (and I love them all, if any of you are reading! love them all!) can see where this is going.

this is not new.

I remember in high school, my mom asking me if I'd built in a little time to sleep; all my journal entries (yes, daily, for my entire high school experience. completely embarrassing.) included times way past midnight.

I remember in hawaii, friends would be "going to da beach" for fun and sun and I really WOULD have gone, except for the 10 1-credit classes I was taking in the music department, and the hours and hours of practicing I had to ring up week to week, not to mention daily Calc 2 homework assignments (WHAT WAS I THINKING!?).

and wow, breaking up with brandon that first time in mid-november was the only and I mean the ONLY way I passed that first semester back at UW, with centennial singers pushing me to my limit (who knew I couldn't dance? not me, until I was right in the middle of it, and couldn't remember which dang foot I started each dance with!) and my piano professor about to MURDER me because my scholarshipped (new word) commitments were so far down on my priority list. no boyfriend=lots of practicing time.

So you see, it's a cycle.

I do remember a couple times when my life wasn't this way. when life was very slooooooow. moving to WA 3 months before school started. having a baby. the entire first year after having that first baby. having a miscarriage at 20-weeks, and living through the months that followed.

and you know what? that was much, much worse.

So, bring on the appointments! i can take it! I even enjoy it, if I don't think about it too far in advance. And if I can be careful about being truthful when I'm really at a limit, and need a break. I'm friends with nice people. I keep telling myself they will understand. I've even tried it out on a couple of them. and they are still my friends. bless them.

Okay, but there is still one MAJOR problem: anyone want to fund a personal chef for my family? please?


Stace said…
michelle, you.are.amazing. period.
Ginger said…
Gasp! I thought I was the only one that Dr. B. wanted to murder. There were many times in my 4 1/2 years there that I left her office emotionally unstable. I thought I was the only one! I've been wrong all this time?
I'll be your personal chef for a few days in just a few weeks!!
Alyson said…
Oh Michelle, you are so fun to read! Thanks for the insights into your life.