oh yeah, and she's two now too..

After the parade on friday, Annie came home and slept until 6pm. I figured it was her birthday, and she could sleep if she wanted to, you know? it was, after all, better than crying.

when she woke up though, birthday celebrations were thrust upon her, and in true Annie style, she was not impressed. Zane had a good time though.

Here she is before the fact, when she didn't know what was in her future. (and aren't we all so gatored out? and please, forgive the blurriness. sometimes life is blurry.)

Then all the sudden there was fire in front of her, and people singing at her and urging her on: "Get CLOSER to it Annie! No, not you ZANE! Annie, GO FOR IT! HURRY!"

Later, she gave an eensy weensy thought towards tasting the cake. Didn't make it past the annoying, sticky white stuff on top. Asked me to wipe it off, disgusted:

No cake that night. The next morning, when the pressure was off, she ate a cupcake and a half for breakfast. couldn't get enough. all smiles. sigh. for any of you who know about me and my birthday issues, you can laugh and with me say, "that's my girl."

This Annie, she is one of a kind. Right now her favorite thing to do is accessorize, fairy princess style.
Plus, she's doing some potty action.
When she combines the two, it's pretty hilarious:


Brenny said…
The last picture is so darling I can hardly stand it.

Happy Birthday, Annie!
Lillie said…
You are not potty training her already. Oh goodness--- pressure's on.
Michelle said…
Happy Birthday Annie! So cute!
alliehoopes said…
this is not post-specific. i like you and can hear your voice in all your typed out words. i'm lame at commenting so don't think there is a correlation between that and how cool i think you are. shark tank seaworld has been my favorite lately. also your sewing. my my your sewing. go you. halloween costume's all i've done as of late. also if you have one spare hour in your like 7 hour trip to utah and i can work in just meeting you somewhere to say hi hello and then drive home i'll gladly do it. just so ya know. later cool girl.