no pictures today, just funnies. and yummies.

okay so last night we went on a DATE! the people we house sat for very generously treated us to a fantastic dinner at one of the best restaurants in town. it was a TREAT.

so before we headed out, I was trying to explain to Zane what was happening. I said to him, "And you and annie will get to have a babysitter!" He looked at me, dumbfounded, and said, "but mom...what's a babysitter?"

apparently, we really need to get out more.

oh, that dinner was so good.

so onto this morning. Zane got a bloody nose. poor thing, it happens regularly. he asked me why. I said (and I apologize to future-zane...the truth hurts), "It's because you pick your nose, love!" He giggled and said, "Oh no, so you STILL KNOW I pick my nose, even when I'm sneaky!"

So we made up a song that went something like this "Zane is the bomb. Zane is the bomb. Zane is the bomb but he shouldn't pick his nose!"

After we were over, he stated, "Yeah, because even bombs shouldn't pick noses!"


did I mention there is leftover ricotta cheesecake in my fridge?


Brenny said…
classic. Glad you got a night out.
Kjerstin said…
I would say ESPECIALLY bombs shouldn't pick their noses. :) And, RICOTTA cheesecake? Leftover from the night out or do you have a recipe to share? Sounds wonderful!
Ann Marie said…
Ann Marie is the bomb - Ann Marie is the bomb - Ann Marie is the bomb and bombs shouldn't eat chocolate. I will let you know if it works.