A little sewing

10 Years ago, if you would have told me that sewing would be my spare time activity/ therapy later in life, I would have laughed you off the table. (off the table?)

I would have said snootily. My grandma likes sewing, but really, it's not my thing.

Well, maybe I've got more grama bee in me than I ever knew. And if you ask me, that's a very good thing, on many levels.

These next few pictures showcase some of the projects that have been consuming my quiet time as of late. (jenneka, I may or may not be giving you a preview of your baby girl present. I couldn't resist.) You'll see I've been trying to branch out of just bags and dresses, into also table runners for both grandmas (ann, if you send me a pic of yours, I'll add it to this memory) and BAND COSTUME halloween happinesses (I was really outta my league on that final one..took me a few WEEKS to complete). but the explanation of all these has to be saved for another day, as dinner has all the sudden become a priority (funny how it often does). for now, just enjoy the (big) pictures.


That band costume is awesome!
Is there going to be an accompanying instrument?

10 years ago I would have never believed that you would become a fantastic seamstress either. But, now you are.
Ginger said…
A band costume? SO cool!!! and creative, I might add.
Kjerstin said…
You're amazing. Seriously. While I was at that quilting class today, carrying my Michelle Ross original bag, I got many compliments. Exclamation point filled compliments. :)
Ann Marie said…
The band costume is great! So glad you found a delightful thing that you enjoy and it is so very useful too.