don't we all need a reminder... shake it once in a while?

Ahh, Sunday afternoon. Church is over, choir is canceled for the day (due to our 8:15am practice prior to our performance this morning--a success, and I'm hoping to add download-able "choral arrangements" to my side bar one of these days, starting with this "faith in every footstep" happiness), annie is asleep, and the boys are building lego spaceships. Time to sew...or sleep...oooo, what choices!


julie said…
You know what my grandmother always said about sewing on sunday, that you'd have to pick out every stitch in heaven with your nose----I don't subscribe to that train of thought--I think sewing is a fine sunday activity. . .but just thought it was something funny to throw out there!
Brenny said…
The 'shake it' pictures are the happiest thing I've seen all morning. Love it.
walt or jean said…
Twist and shout Zaner Man!

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