Been sewin'

Can't show it all just week, when all the recipients have recipiented. but I don't think Hayley would mind me posting this:

it is, after all, my waistline on the line here. bravery, people. (although, notice the leaving out of the identifying face. not as much bravery as I thought, apparently.)

This is one of five aprons that will be used at Hayley and little bro Eric's wedding reception in a couple of weeks. I used this tutorial from my favorite online fabric store, and just shortened the length a bit. Hayley picked out the rockin' fabric (of which there are 5 different varieties of both black and pink, so get ready for more pictures) and off I went!

In other news, in case any of you are wondering what brandon is doing at this minute (9:39pm), never fear: he's watching a special about potatoes on PBS. that's my brandon. you should have seen his rendition of the "Thriller" dance tonight at the ward party. in his chicken hat. unforgettable.


You are so talented, in so many ways! And I so wish you guys were still in OUR ward. I'm sure that dance was to die for. Hope you're all doing excellent!!
adorable. so will those be worn by the most fashionable waitresses ever at the reception or is that part of the wedding party's outfits? confused a little but amazed at your talent and rockin' hot bod!!! yeah baby!
Crystal said…
Love it and how did I miss that Eric was getting married?
Kjerstin said…
Beautiful! The chicken hat. What a guy. :)