what a day..

Remember a few posts back when I talked about missing the boat? Well, (I thought) I was determined not to fall into that sad, self-made pattern when it came to this, Zane's FIRST official birthday party. (he's 5 today.)

But if it hadn't been for Tina and a trip to Michaels during our vacation in Utah, I would have forgotten to get invitations. and (clearanced) party favors.

phew, thanks Tina. Because of you, it was back on the boat for me.

Then a few days ago, Heather offered to make cupcakes (+ a cake for the grownups, bless her!) and I realized to myself that without her, I probably would have forgotten cake and ice cream (and no, I'm not kidding).

phew again and thanks, heather. back on the boat once more.

So then, this morning arrived. I was still in need of organizing what we needed for food and games/packing such things for transport to the commons room where the party was taking place/planning what and when we would do everything, and I had the sinking feeling that the boat was leaving soon..

so I did what any reasonable girl would do: I cleaned my house from top to bottom. The house that the party would not be in. Not even for a minute. Bon voyage, dear boat!

:) So, even with all the outside help, it was a sprint to the finish as far as party prep was concerned, then a wild ride at the party itself for this party thrower.

Luckily, I don't think the kids noticed. thank heavens for 5-year olds (and their 6-, 4-, and 3- year old friends).

Here's the loot at the end of the treasure hunt. We had the kids decorate their own cupcakes. yum:

And here's the closest thing to a smile that I could get out of the guest of honor. Man, was he ever tired by the end of the party:

As you can see from some of these landlubbers, we were PIRATES. (ARG!!!) Thanks to Ann Marie for the striped material..perfect pirate sashes (and great party favors)! Here are the other attendees (we had 7 official guests, plus annie and 5 other younger siblings, plus parents and other adult friends along for the ride..that's a lot of voice boxes!)

(ooo, notice to raspberry topped adult cake above. delicious!)

When the party was over and we were back home, we took a few shots just for me. I love the heights of my children right now; maybe because it reminds me of myself with all my brothers. not to mention, soon to be me with my little sister:

(gotta love the real-life picture that follows the formal one, below:)

There was just enough time before bed for Zane to play with new toys:

and then let his little sister take every single thing for her own immediately afterwards:

This Zaneman is solid gold. Tonight as we were going to bed, we played the I love Zane game. First brandon said, "I love Zane because.." then I said, "Well, I love Zane because..." and wouldn't you know it, Zane chimed right in with "Well, I love me because.." without skipping a beat. what can he say? he's great! Happy birthday, Zaneman!


alliehoopes said…
you seem to have discovered an alternate way to get things done....be such a delightful human being that all sorts flock to you just to join in the merriment and probably help you back for all the ways you bring sunshine. like dropping off secret bags of fabric tied with fabric strips. I'd have helped too yo. computer is up and running...bring on the to-be-edited!
Dashley said…
Happy Birthday to Zane!!! As usual, loved the post and pictures. :)
Kjerstin said…
I agree with Allie. Only you (and your wonderfulness) could draw in so many people who love you enough to make cakes! Looks like a wonderful day!
Ann Marie said…
What a fun party. Aren't friends the best.