Sunday Dinner Happiness

I know what you're thinking: Signing time during dinner? shudder.

But guess what I'm thinking: Signing time during dinner? brilliant!

Other great Zaneisms lately:
"Drat! (or even better, Double drat!)" when he loses at uno.
"I'm almost/really dominating now!" when he wins at uno.
"You know handy manny's friend, mr. motart?" on our way home from church. because that's normal conversation on the way home from church.
"If we had the power to bring our neighbors home from work!" while singing john mayer in the car. apparently, work is a little more meaningful than war to a four year old.
And my favorite for this week, while praying: "Thank you that my mom could be so beautiful." right on Zane, right on.

tomorrow: the beach for Labor Day!


walt or jean said…
We are grateful you are beautiful too.(phew) Zane is definitely dominating now. Annie is angelic. Brandon is, well you know, Brandon, perfect in every way!
Ann Marie said…
He is a smart kid! Have a great time at the beach. Looking forwawrd to pictures.