snakes and pigs and manes

We got some play dough for zane's birthday. he's totally baffled by it. I'm no help. Are kids seriously not supposed to mix the colors while playing? Are you actually supposed to be able to put each color back in its original container? I can't believe that. But I want them to. So I get bugged. plus, the dough gets under your finger nails. yuck.

Now, after two sessions, we have made two new snake friends (seriously the best creature i could come up with. a sculptor I am not.) which Zane of course wanted to keep forever. "They can live on our chairs as pets!" (he's learning about pets this week.) Sorry Zane, they'll dry out, gotta destroy them so you can use the mixed up/messed up dough again someday. To make another snake pet.

In other news, here's more pig tail pictures of annie. I can't get over them.

People look at her differently: "Oh what a sweet little girl!" they say. 'Have you met her?' I want to ask.

The other funny detail is I notice people looking from her hair to mine, then being confused. Like, shouldn't this woman spend a little less time on her toddler's hair, and a little more on her own disheveled mane? 'I'm living vicariously,' I want to tell them.

And finally, a typical but telling interaction between myself and my 5 year old. I made this hair bow hanger the other day, since our life supply from tina is growing and growing. (We're so lucky!)

Later, Zane saw it and said, "Mom! How creative of you!" Thanks buddy, I got my inspiration from you!


Kjerstin said…
It takes all of my will power to let the play dough colors get mixed. Can't stand it.

If I could have any type of hair, it would be EXACTLY yours. It is lovely. You are lovely. Thanks for being you.

Brenny said…
I have to breath deeply when asked to open a second color of play dough -- I'm usually a 'one color at a time' person because of the mixing factor.

Love the bow idea -- I will probably steal it.
Ann Marie said…
I am not a fan of play doh myself. It also crumbles and dries in your carpet. I have decided to let them mix to their hearts content and when it is yucky you don't have to feel guilty throwing it out. I can also make snowmen with play doh. I am a fan of cute Annie and her cute hairbows.
Lillie said…
I remember the moment I decided it was ACTUALLY more important for me to have my girls looking cute than myself. I think it has something to do with it getting harder and harder to have success on myself---and realizing, maybe it's just time to pass the torch and put all my vanity energy onto someone with much more potential. :)