now, a music survey..

***update: instead of downloading, just go and listen at the bottom of the post at only anything. even less clicks!***

...hey all. Have I got an activity for YOU! Now you may be like me, not usually into doing things that require going out of the comfort of google reader. But TODAY, bust out an extra click or two for me, will ya?

My older brother
(jon stone, who is reality to some and myth to others) is in the process of hooking his buddy (jon thwaits) into the real music world. This buddy of his is a GREAT musician (I still remember the day he sat in our living room and wrote out the piano music to a favorite song of mine, so that I could play it that instant. keep in mind, there was no instrument accompanying his transcribing. and it was spot on when I played it.) and they need your help listening to some music, then choosing your favorites.

It's catchy music too; we're definitely tapping our toes over here. so go, download, listen, then vote!

Tomorrow: Zane's 5th birthday! Arrrrr matey!


jonstone said…
You. Are. Awesome.
jonstone said…
For you folks who may have gone to the site but then didn't want to mess with the download--the tracks are streaming there now and are much easier to listen to.

Cool! I'll for sure check it out! :) And today....Happy Birthday Zaneman!!!
Hayley said…
Happy Birthday Zane!