more cheeky monkeys

To you curious ones out there, I used Allie's tutorial to learn about this new big picture thing. Lillie, you had one too it seems, but I couldn't find it in my initial scroll-through. For those who might go there and still be boggled, know that I figured out my camera takes a 2/3 ratio (width/height) worth of pixels when shooting portrait and a 3/2 ratio (again, width/height) when shooting landscape stuff. so for these pics I used 600 for my width and 900 for my height. If I go much more than 600 in my width, I imagine it would just cut off the side of my picture.

Anyway, who knows if all my pictures will hence forth even be WORTH looking at this largely, but I did like these ones. Mainly because I thought they showcased my always ongoing thoughts about blogs-- that is, many of us seem to have a perpetual smile on our face:

when really, we feel like this inside:

Way to showcase it Annie.

I just wrote a couple paragraphs expounding on my less-than-perfect life this last week, but let's face it, you don't really want to hear it. So just know that I've been annie-mean-facing it way too much. And I hope to change it here soon.

Oh! And I've been sewing birthday presents for moms and halloween costumes and baby dresses and THAT definitely makes me happy...except during the unpicking moments...but for the most part, they set me in the right direction for happiness. Hopefully one of these days I'll get my act together and showcase some of THAT instead of just mean annie faces. sound good?


Ann Marie said…
I am sorry you are getting more mean faces lately but Annie is almost 2. I love any kind of Annie pictures you post - actually any kind of pictures.
Lillie said…
Is it weird that I sort of want her haircut?

I hope you're less grumpy now-- since I'm late to comment. :)