Labor Day Happiness

Sigh. Annie's expression just about sums it up.

I don't know what it is about waves, water, and sand, but sign me up as much as possible please. Every time we go, the conversation on the way home goes something like "man, when can we go again? this weekend? what are we doing this weekend?"

This time we went early. We played all morning, then lunched nearby (with homemade sundried tomato foccacia bread, meat, and fresh mozzarella, good heavens), and went on into town (st. augustine) and saw some sights (you might remember the fort).

(as we walked through town, these particular friends told us stories about vienna and rome. must be rough.)
Their little firecracker:

refused to sit in her place in line between zane and annie:

We love her for her spunkiness. and the way she gets Zane to hold her hand. (remember UP?) ooo.

We finished the day with killer gelato from this bomb "cafe de hidaldo," and had we not been completely wiped out, we might have run back to the beach for more more more. not quite enough this time.

but that's why there's a next time, right? oh, and that gelato...worth going inland, for sure.


Kjerstin said…
As much as I think Zane looks more like you, the scowl/squinting in the sun look is a carbon copy of Brandon (in the pic of Brandon pushing the stroller).

You know you wish you were cleaning carpets like me on Labor Day. Who wants to go to the beach anyway? ;)
Ann Marie said…
They have gelato in St. Augustine? I will be back asap. Glad you had a such a fun outing.
Jenneka said…
Michelle, I LOVE this picture of Brandon and Annie - so perfect! It makes me wish I had such a picture of Todd and Lincoln... they just grow up so fast - I'm glad you captured this daddy-daughter moment.