just for a little reality here...

Some of life's less-than-perfect moments this week:
  • "Mom, I wish you were more like Pops!" said by Zane during one of the many quiet times when I wasn't being fun enough.
  • "No, no, No, NO, no, nooo, NO, No!!!" said by Annie whenever she didn't want something. which was often. and in different octaves and decibel levels.
  • "If only we didn't live in an APARTMENT" said by Zane after learning about the different places where people reside and after i told him to a) stop jumping so loudly or b) stop running so forcefully or c) that he couldn't go downstairs without me because it wasn't safe or d) that we couldn't have a pet or e) we couldn't buy everything that the tv told us to buy (we don't have the space, among other reasons) or f) he couldn't take a bath and on and on.
  • "Why don't raspberries have protein in them!?" said exasperatedly by Zane when I told him he had to eat his ham before i would give him any more raspberries.
  • "But why can't i get in bins and close the lid?" no explanation needed, thanks.
  • or how about this, "Why don't we say 'shut up?'" (gotta love preschool.) "Because it's rude." "But why is it rude?" "Because it's not polite." "But why is it not polite?" "Because it's rude." "But why is it rude?" SIGH!!!!!!
  • Lest you think I am exaggerating, this is what Annie did when I politely requested that we take a picture of her and her pretty new hair bows. (by the way, thanks tina! they were rockin', even amidst the tantrums.)
  • And here is Zane precisely during the "shut up" argument. Notice the flailing legs in the background.
Apparently there is a theme forming. I guess the "why" questions are inevitable, right?

***ooo, ooo, ooo, a late entry! I just heard, "I'm moving away, forever!" from the other room. just warms the heart, doesn't it?***

now, because I'm Michelle, you know I have to try and end this with positive thinking after all. So, just know that I have also been finding happiness in sewing projects that I'm about ready to reveal, and in the thought of a pleasant girls' trip to orlando in the morning. (making sure to be back so that brandon can attend the tennessee game, of course.) See now, life isn't so bad! (aka it's not that hard to pose pleasantly for pictures! and then antique them.)

Smile on people, smile on!


Alyson said…
I love the honesty! The quotes were also great. I need to be better about writing stuff down. Thanks!
Those ARE really cute bows! Sally is just barely starting to leave clips and bows in her hair now (she just turned 3). We've been hearing the apartment complaint for a long time, because they wanted a dog when they were younger and it was a good excuse for me to give them because I just really didn't want one, but mostly because of a lack of a fenced yard with a big tree that we could build a fort in and because my boys are always getting ideas for murals they want to paint on the walls. Just a few more years 'till Jon's finished with school and we can get a house, then I'll have to think of another reason why we can't have a dog ;)
What a darling girl you have! So glad you posted this lest we all think you have the perfect life! LOL
Hey, we just hit the "why" phase this past week. Is it really all because of preschool? Can't think of another explantion. I have started to ignore Cade when he keeps asking why. is that bad?

Annie did make me smile tonight. what a cutie!
Emily said…
those are some bomb pics meesh. love the smiley one of annie. em
Kjerstin said…
I know it's not supposed to be funny, but the tantrum one is KILLING me! When Dallas was Annie's age he would do this fake cry thing, and now I'm so glad I took pictures of him in action. It's hilarious. Ready for another visit? Hasn't it been a year? :)