Inspiration to share....2 years late..

So, I've decided to add a blog roll of inspirers to the right side of my actual blog page...these are folks in whom I find ideas, recipes, examples, fabrics, patterns, tutorials, etc who don't happen to be people I actually know in real life (as opposed to most of you who do many of the same things for me and are hopefully already up on my blog roll..and if you're not, you should speak up already so I can add you). I know that this kind of thing (adding the blog roll to my page, that is) was all the rage when blogs exploded back in 2007, and that it might be so 2 years ago. but let's face it, that's about where i am on the "what is chic"-o-sphere, so it fits.

This is only the beginning. when I find cool stuff, I'll add it.

Inspiration comes in various forms, right? Like how ever since zane's color creations, I've had my eye on rainbows. and scraps into art, because I've got loads of them. unless of course you compare me to a more "doer" of a sewer as opposed to me, the "thinker abouter." but still, 50 scraps from different fabrics I've used for projects is getting somewhere for me. so I wanted to show case the arrival.

so how about this as perfect inspiration (tilly, click on the words that are a different will take you to a picture of what I'm talking about)? dude! color! scraps! I'm on it.


Hayley said…
Okay Michelle, that has got to be the coolest quilt I have ever seen! And I definitely think you should make it :) Seeing as how you are amazing at sewing and such. Oh and don't worry, I follow you on your blog all the time, just so I can keep updated. After all, we're almost family now :) Can't wait to see you in November!
Dashley said…
I loved that blanket- AWESOME! Thank you I will definitely be making that.