without any editing

mystical allie and her magical wide lens descended upon us yesterday. sigh, what a lovely fabric chatting, pattern getting, project sharing, friend being day. allie, you are lovely. I'll send you these, plus a few more for more magic.

so we're in utah! living, eating, playing, relaxing, working (because brandon is sick and can't get enough of his work, even on vacation), and of course, eating some more. We've been here a few days, after a crazy busy mixed with sick feeling michelle couple of days at the end of the week last week back in florida. mucinex has been my friend since i've been here. who knew that crazy expensive medicine really works?

how about that swimmer, huh? at the beginning of the summer, he didn't feel comfortable putting his face in the water. being 4 years old (and almost 5) has its benefits I guess. when the mind is ready, the body performs.

we'll be in and out of this valley for the next couple of weeks, soaking up the dry sun and eating all the fresh veggies we can get our hands on. we'll also spend happiness next week in Wy. here's to living!


Maria said…
That picture of Annie is AMAZING! Lovin that dimple!!
julie said…
holler when you come to WY if you want to have a little get together!
We REALLY look forward to seeing you guys!! Travel safe and have TONS of fun!!
Love that picture of Annie- too cute!Have a great vacation and enjoy the fresh veggies :)
Ann Marie said…
Just one more day - hurray! Is Zane eating an m&m sandwich? :)
Are you going to Rawlins? If you have time maybe we can see you sometime.
Lisa Strupp said…
Michelle Michelle.....I was browsing through Allie's blog and saw her little post about her secret note to Michelle and sure enough it was you! How are you? You're family is beautiful and fun that you are in Florida! Maybe someday we can meet up! Take care!