the scrape

Some of you might have noticed that Zane gained a bloody cheek halfway through our beach pics. You caught us. At one point, he came back from "catching waves" with his dad with a big SCRAPE by his eye.
"Mom, pops threw me into the ocean and I KISSED THE BOTTOM!" he screamed, visibly upset. As he got closer, I saw that it was bleeding a little, so I did what any good mom would do: I downplayed the injury and praised the adventure. (while trying to assess the seriousness of the hurt, of course. mom, don't worry.)
"Wow, you kissed the bottom of the ocean? Great! Good job! Do you want to take a break now or keep playing?"
"mmm, I think I'll keep playing" he said, and with that, was off again. phew.

We decided not to mention how BAD it looked, even though it looked pretty BAD.

When we got home, I again did what any good mom would do: I took pictures of it.

And today it's already peeling off, along with the rest of his slightly sunburned cheeks.

By the way, when did he turn into a ginormous MONSTER (aka 4 1/2 year old)?

Here's a funny for you book of mormon readers. Zane learned about Ammon on Sunday (you know, the loyal servant of the king who at one point had to cut off the arms of the sheep robbers). His teacher warned me, so I was well prepared when on the way home he said, "I wish I could be like Ammon. But wait a minute! I don't have a real SAW, silly!" It brought a new picture to my mind, that's for sure. Ammon the chain saw defender. yuck. We'll work on the story some more.

tomorrow: more annie antics!


Heather Bigley said…
I love that when I asked zane about his scrape he also said, "we had a lesson on forgiveness recently so I've forgiven pops."
Lillie said…
OH this was hilarious. I'll forever think chainsaw defender of Ammon now. And seriously 4/12... he's not doing kindergarten this year right??? it's next year?
This is Brandon,

Yes I am sorry about the ocean incident.

My image was of Ammon with a pruning saw. Kind of a blood-n-guts torture scene. Gross.
alliehoopes said…
still going strong in the commenting department. in the beginning of July I told Lily all about independence day and our country and heard her telling my mom: a long time ago there was a bad king that didn't let people go to church or go to school. then there was a fight and WE WON (though sometimes in the retelling she says Obama won) and he lets us go to church and have fireworks.