dealing with sickness..a lesson learned from his vs. hers

Friday, we ran out of multi-vitamins. That night we stayed up WAY too late, doing laundry because of children's activities that I've spent too much time talking about lately. Saturday, I felt a little something coming on. Sunday, it HIT! I got a cold!

yuck. colds are seriously no good.

If only I could handle it like brandon. now, if any of you know me, you know that I can be a little (ahem) heartless and mean to brandon, because of the way he handles colds. and the first sign of something coming on (like me on saturday, for instance) he drops EVERYTHING and goes to bed. for 24 hours. seriously.

I'll admit, in the past it's driven me bananas.

This is mainly because with everything in life, I plan on handling it well because I have a helping partner; when that "handling it" dumps soley on me, life becomes overwhelming fast. I even think I could do better if he were to say, "hey, tomorrow you might have to fly solo while I'll sleep and get better okay?" but no, it's a drop-everything-and-say-peace-out sort of situation.

but guess what? 24 hours (of sleep) later, he's healthy again. magic.

then there's me. yes I have a little cold. no I am not going to stay home from church. no I am not going to cancel choir, or the speech appointment, or play group, or or or. wait a minute, it's a day or two later and I am MISERABLE. So then I sleep a little here, and try and go to bed earlier there.

stretched out drama, seriously. why didn't I just go straight to bed on saturday, like brandon does?

anyway, I'm finally feeling a little better today. except for the fact that as always, brandon was right.

babe, take this as warning for the next time a cold begins to hit me. the kids? the house? the meals? the laundry? the survival of it all? you're on your own. I'm going to sleep.


Maria said…
I'm sorry you're sick!
Williams Family said…
I totally understand where you are coming from. Troy is the same way, he gets sick and its adios amigos until he gets better. I get sick, and I still cook, clean, do laundry, have the kids whom might I add are also sick or lets say awake and feeling chipper? HHHMMMM What to do?
Lillie said…
Does it really work? Brandon's way? Maybe he was never sick to begin with and that's his big secret. He just takes a 24 nap here and there and never GETS sick to begin with.

Seriously though, does it really work. I'm so on your side. Strep throat or vomiting, stop everything. But a cold? It would never occur to me that stopping everything would even help. Does it really??? maybe I'll convert. I always wonder why I don't see other grown ups fighting back flem and sniffing every few seconds. For WEEKS on end. I think maybe he's on to something. Hope YOU feel better.