So we're back. After 14 hours to get there, 10 days of busy visiting happiness, and 13 hours to get home, we are a little wiped out. But it was well worth it; visiting with mostly family and a few friends helped happy our hearts and tire out our smile muscles. Thanks to all you who were willing to come and see ME; thanks to all the rest of you for not being offended that I didn't reach out to YOU this time.

I got to use "the camera" while there, thanks to nick. unfortunately, I didn't have a "camera to computer" cord with me, so they are still there, taking up space, until he can get me a few. until then, look forward to pictures with both grandparents, decorating the tree, feeding the ducks, sledding, a birthday party for yours truly, and of course, lots of dimples.

Perhaps the best part about being there this time was just breathing. It was nice to be away from responsibility, free to just be. Also, free to do what I wanted, knowing that both children were happy as can be, and in good hands. Want to watch all harry potter movies with emmygirl? done! want to frequent the DI for fabulous take homes? double done! want to spend my birthday sewing a school bag for the coolest 14-year old I know? done done done! (merry christmas em, by the way.) want to play wii, and DDR, and make treats and eat WONDROUS treats made by others (thanks cortney!) and, well, you get the picture? done. makes for a very happy michelle.

Now, did I forget to mention that brandon gallantly stayed home to hold down the fort (and okay take finals and finish school work) while I played played played? He did, and it was a long time to be away from him. perhaps my favorite moment in the whole trip was when, after being a tiny bit shy for the first two minutes after reuniting with him, Annie opened her arms and leaned over for a full embrace, afterwhich she wouldn't let him go. She really missed him. We all did.

Now, it's back to our funny little place where I wanted to turn on the A/C before bed last night and where I'm happy to report that today is full-on flip flop weather. This is a good life. If we have to be away from all of you whom we love so much, I'm grateful this too feels so much like "home."

I echo Zane, who to his pops leaving for work this morning said, "Happy Holidays!"


Brenny said…
Flip flop weather? Now you're just bragging. Sounds like a wonderful restful vacation (as opposed to just a 'trip'). What a happy thing to get for Christmas. :)
Kjerstin said…
Glad you made it home, and that it feels like home. I've worn socks for the past two weeks, and you know how I feel about socks (and shoes that tie), so I'm jealous of the flip flops, for sure. I want to see the bag you made!
I'm so glad you had such a great time with family and friends in Utah. It's nice to have a "break" from the everyday grind, right? And more happy helpers with the kids. I had that this weekend at my fam's house too. AND I hope you had a wonderful birthday to which I forgot to call on the day but am sure you got the card in time right? I'm a thinker, half the time. I hope it was as wonderful as you are. Loves to you!!!
Lillie said…
ARGH! "a birthday party for yours truly..." and then I check my calendar because I know it's on there and it hasn't come yet so you must be lying... and there it is, Dec. 13th, underlined, in black pen, with a big exclamation mark. Apparently when I write most events just like that, they stop catching my eye. Blast.

Sorry I missed it. Happy belated sweet Shell!
Michelle said…
Glad you had a nice trip. It's always fun to visit family when they don't live close. A friend of mine saw your family picture at the beach on my board and was jealous of your weather. Of course, we had 25mph winds and blowing snow at the time.