The next time I post... will be with pictures from our camping-near-the-atlantic-side-beach adventures (which we are about to embark on). Here are a few beauties, again from our trip west, to tide you over until then:

(my son loved sledding, thanks to many rounds with bampa..thanks dad.)

luv this lady:

and this lady too:

proof of my YUMMY birthday cake (and goofy kid):

(that's a lot of candles! and it's only the "8" of "28" I think.)


What gorgeous photos!!! (Of a gorgeous family...)
Brenny said…
Happy pictures. Have fun at the beach.
Kjerstin said…
WHAT IS THAT CAKE? Holy moly! Hope you are having a wonderful camping trip (I still think you are so brave to camp with a baby and a preschooler, but you've done it successfully before so I know you'll pull it off!).