seriously, do I need many words when you have the above picture? it was beyond cool and fun to be there; it was "get so wet so fast that all you have left is dry undies" cool and fun.

the beach in november. it's where I've decided I want to spend all of the rest of my novembers.

We visited some bomb family too (rob+trena+kids) and reminisced heavily about brandon's mission days...a really great trip.
Okay, so it wasn't PERfect. Annie ran a fever most of the time, making her a bit of an unhappy camper (as seen below):

(Dang those FOUR upper teeth! but, good news..they are out and we are all doing better!) But for the most part it was relaxing, picturesque, and fun for all.

We drove home through the self-proclaimed (by an employee at the gas station) "redneck riviera" at dusk, right as the HOG hunters were pulling in with the huge HOGS they'd shot stretched across the back of their huge HOG-HUNTIN' trucks. Seriously, it was a "lock your doors" kinda moment. :) Who knew that so many different kinds of people (beach people, city people, university people, HOG-HUNTIN' people {bless their hearts}) lived in such close vicinity to each other? We had to tell Zane the pigs were sleeping, as we were watching "Charlotte's Web" at that exact moment. it's cool. but alas, happy to be home. :)


walt or jean said…
Deja vu (the beach not the pigs). Michelle and Jon all over again.
Lillie said…
OH what gorgeous pictures. I love the one of the boys running and of course the one of you and Annie. And I cannot believe she has pig tails. A little jealous of that one.
Kjerstin said…
Have I ever told you about when we were visiting some friends in a tiny town and when we looked out the window there was a family butchering a cow in the back of their pickup truck? The little kids were helping and everything. I prefer chosing my protein at Albertsons. . .not seeing it's face. :)
Brenny said…
Beautiful pictures. The beach in November -- nothing like it. *Sigh* Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy December since I missed Thanksgiving...
Alamodey said…
That looks like such fun! Oh for warm weather.... or even just sun!

Hey, would you mind e-mailing me your address so we can get you a Christmas card? It's rae _ adropofgoldensun @ hotmail. com

those pictures are so pretty. the colors remind me of course of our days in hawaii. wouldn't mind being there right about now, as we enter december in Oregon.
Erin said…
Holy Crow!! Zane has gotten so big, and Annie is gorgeous!! Miss you guys bundles!