zane and annie meet seth, maryn, and jonas

Halfway! Or 2/3 of the way or something..anyway, we made it safely and happily to Il, (babies were inCREDible on the plane...annie had the nap of her life, zane was polite and charming, etc. I kept asking myself, "who ARE these children?") and have been kicking with jon and tina +kids ever since. these folks are so cool. so chill. so mine. so easy to be with and giggle. I luv jon's deep voice. it is a comforting voice from my past. I luv Tina's realness. she is the bomb. and look, the children seem to be getting along as well. Yippee!!
Zane and Maryn are closest in age, and really do quite well, when they're not screaming at each other:

Annie's discovered the stairs, but don't tell any watching adult, they will be nervous:

Okay, watching movies might be one of the favorite activities. But that was AFTER going to the brand-new, gorgeous and fun library (where we picked OUT said movies). So see, we're getting out. :)

The babies have behaved well and enjoyed the ride.. (thank heavens for double strollers.)

Seriously, have you ever tried to get 5 children looking forward at smiling all at once? it's a zoo.

We've libraried, chipotled, university-ed, play grouped, and daydreamed (of living in these awesome, mid-west neighborhoods) to our hearts' content. it's been a beauty.

and, as of today around noon, brandon and linds made it to Fl. happy day. :)


walt or jean said…
Happy Day indeed!! Keep trying to get our five darling grandchildren to look at the camera all at once for us! What a sweet looking group!
Kjerstin said…
They got there already? Did they sleep? It makes me so happy that you've spent the last weeks surrounded by people you love and who love you. It kinda makes up for not being able to meet up before you flew away! :) Good luck on the last leg of your journey!
Brenny said…
So fun! Family is the best.
Katie said…
So happy Brandon and his sis made it safely (and in great time)!! And i'm glad you're getting to enjoy Jon & Tina before your final stop :) Say hi to them for me!
Ann Marie said…
So glad you are having a fun and polite move.
bryony said…
That IS a good day! Safe and happy kids, and another step through your adventure. We're hoping the rest goes as well as what already has . . . has.

Oh, you know what I mean!
Karli said…
like i said your kids are so cute!