an update

Okay, to any of you who I have made a little fun of because you can’t live without your technology, I want to make a huge apology. We don’t have internet here. Okay, they CLAIM that we have internet here. As in “Well, the people before you had it, so you must have it.” But you see, we DON’T have it. Friends from Hawaii, this is feeling very “hale”-ish…like part of college initiation is intense torture due to red tape and foreign accents.

So, we have been trying to feel the wireless internet vibe. Val, it’s like when you were supposed to feel where on your body was affected when the massage lady hit the gong: in other words, it’s make believe.

And yet, we haven’t called the cable people, because by golly if we can get it free, we don’t want to pay! So that’s where the Ross stubbornness meets its match: can we deal with this complete annoyance just to save $30 a month? Well, not usually, but when we found out it will cost $40 a month to store my piano (believe it, it won’t go up the stairs), things called budgets rear their ugly heads, and we feel like we need to “do without” until the dust settles and we figure out just how few pennies we have left in our name.

But man, this “doing without?” lame pants.

So far, my experience in Florida is sooo close to Hawaii. In smell, in feel, in ghetto housing, in all nationalities of people, it all feels like I’m coming home somehow. Except, I will admit that it’s much better to have B, Z, and A around. Even if Annie’s first tooth decided to come parading in this week, (and by parading I mean by crazy fevers for 3+ days, then pissed off, ouchy, sleepless nights) making her not her usual pleasant, dimple showing self. Tell me this is just a “first tooth” thing, because MAN, has it been brutal.

My hair is happy. My skin is happy. And thanks to the hurricane that’s on its way in a day or two, the breezes are actually cool outside, making our daily playground visits very happy.

Pictures might have to wait until (gasp!) we get a better connection! Dang dang dang! But this is better than nothing, right?


Maria said…
It's rough to not have internet...I remember when Cory and I didn't have it in WA for the first, like, eight months.

In your case, though, I'm wondering how close you are to campus...(Isn't student housing pretty close?) Do you have a laptop? I know that a lot of universities have free wireless all over their campuses. Maybe you could find a corner where your kiddo's could play on the grass while you type away! (An hour a day on the internet OUGHT to be enough, right? ;) hee hee

OR, do you have access to the libraries/computer labs as a student's spouse? It all seems like it ought to be within walking distance to me.

Maybe you've already thought of these possibilities and I'm just causing you to roll your eyes. :)

Good luck with the teething! I'll be excited to see pics of the new place and set-up you have down there!
Kjerstin said…
Yeah! We love updates! Please don't check your site meter. . .the constant checking for a new post may embarrass me a little! :) So glad your home and it feels like home. Teething stinks, there has to be an easier way to grow teeth. Good luck with everything!
Ginger said…
I'm hoping that you have a laptop at a time like this! It saved me from insanity!!

I was able to use the free wireless at the regular public library. So we would go to story time and then the kids would play on the kid computers and I would play on mine.

YOu can get free wireless at Panara Bread. Oh, how I love a bagel in the morning with my favorite bloggers. Lots of places of free wireless and you can get a really great signal just parked outside the front doors. (I hope that this doesn't fall under "Thou shall not steal")

I also used Loren's Purdue wireless account whenever I was on campus. If I had my laptop in the car, ready and open, and if I stopped at a stoplight, I could get connected in time to open Microsoft Outlook and download my email.

Good luck! I know these feelings all too well. Dang all the red tape!
alliehoopes said…
Ooh I'm one of those people. When we've moved to a new place and have been without all our hook-ups for a few days I feel like I'm camping. Not happy camping. Is that where the phrase came from? Hmmm. Grumpy camping. So sorry but way to find the good (cuties and nice hair).

Also because of your real-friend and my wanna-be-real friend Lillie I have a new phrase I'm going to order in vinyl lettering and apply to a nice little painted board and sand the edges and place in my home: What would the Ross' do?

Do you know I liked her even more because she got the grammar right on that? Or at least the way I do it.

We had a few not-fitting-up-the-stairs issues too that made me have to rearrange furniture plans and in fact there is still a box springless mattress on the floor upstairs. Huh.
Tilly said…
I am so thankful for your blog...because I miss you so much....when you lived in IF it seemed like you were so far and I miss you.
Ann Marie said…
I think I miss your lact of internet more than you do. No new pictures of the darlings and fun news of your lives but I know you guys will figure it out soon. Meanwhile thank heavens for phones.